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Writer's Block

The day the earth stood still

What does this day mean to you?

Answers (407)

  • это глупый вопрос земля не может стоять
    не чего не значит обычный день
  • My days aslo stop at a point. http://www.ugg-emu.org
  • Спецслужбы.

  • Death. Or insane happiness.
  • Ха) Самое красивое падение за всю историю башен) А так же неумелая фальсификация))
  • "Battle of Deception"

    - I control you.

    (You control me)

    - I control you.

    (You own me)

    - I control you.


    You have our roles reversed


    Self-aware and alive

    Commuters running for their lives

    Subtle clues, tension mounting

    Classified.  Can’t you tell me?

    Rising up.  Killer Droid

    Queued overnight in the lab

    Autonomous Terminator to fight our wars

    No rivals in the universe

    Remote control armies,  mortal combat

    Select who to kill and don’t regret it

    Soon they’ll want to rule the world

    Where there used to be green fields…


    - Why do you believe you are a robot?
    (I do not)

    - But why won’t you say you are a robot?

     (I am not)

    - What is your name?


  • I wish that it stood still an' stopped everything but me before those damned Germans shot at Julian.

    I really wish this could happen...

  • The day of a Big Lie
  • День работников гражданской авиации в США.
  • erm..boring day as usual :\
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