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The role I was born to play

Which role would you play if you could act in any Hollywood film, and why?

Answers (394)

  • The heroin who gets the cute guy. Come on, who wouldn't want that?

  • Zooey Deschannel's role in 500 Days of Summer. I liked her role as Summer Finn-- someone who doesn't want a boyfriend and never believes in true love. Since I'm all out of love, I want to experience how to be loved with out expectations, limitations, plus heartaches. I wanted all to be fair. But in the end, I wanted to change Summer's perception about love. I still wanted to be with my Tom. I knw how he sacrificed and he deserves a reward-- HAPPINESS.
  • Darth Maul from Star Wars

  • um well. hypothetically speaking. there would be this sherlock holmes movie. that also included time travel. and a giant gumball/ orange vending machine/ life sized pinball machine type thing.
    and i would be this awesome character who wouldn't be sherlock holmes but i'd be some kind of super intelligent time traveling drag version of irene. and i'd kind of appear to be evil but not really because i'd actually just be providing this whole second alternate plot line designed to confuse and mislead people. i'd actually kind of pretty much save the day at the end. but i'd still get to do a mean as plan laugh because by saving the day for holmes i would have also achieved my own thing that i wanted to do


    yep :)

    and then i'd just go off in my completely awesome time machine. which would be my car. and what you would have to do would be to drive it up to seventy two kilometres an hour exactly and then smash it into something at that exact speed and you'd be transported. so kind of like a bizarre combination of back to the future and platform nine and three quarters.

    oh and when you vanished from the point in time you'd just left in the time machine a random lemon would appear on the ground next to the closest random to the point where you'd (i'd :) ) vanished from

    yeah. i'd be pretty cool in that movie :)

  • The John Fuckin' McClane in any Die Hard-esque movie. Kicking ass and taking names under the guise of an NYPD cop. Aww year. Gotta protect my girl, after all.

  • ive always wanted to be the villain... i even have a villain laugh.... a bad guy with superior intelligence would be great!!!!!

    ...A bad guy role...but like a super villian role. Something like poisen ivy or harley quinn. I'd actually like to be the side kick of the villian or villianess...the bad guy majority of the time looks cooler then the good guy. Bad guy sometimes becomes good. (so there's some hope for the character)

  • I'd find it very inspiring to perform the role of the classic figure Lemuel Gulliver, because I agree with the satyric ideas of the book and simply like the fable itself very much!

  • the role of the actor
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