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A show for all seasons

Which returning TV show are you most excited to see again? Which shows from last season are you going to miss? Are there any new shows that look promising?

Answers (506)

  • gossip girl i have mixed feelings about right now as blair and chuck are both due to leave in the next two seasons and vampire diaries is as good as very but DOWNTON ABBEY can't wait its so good. 

  • Хочу опять посмотреть сериал Лост:)

  • I'm excited to see the new season of Grey's Anatomy and NCIS. I was originally interested in the new seasons of Dancing with the Stars and Survivor, but they just don't interest me as much anymore. Some new shows I'm very interested in is Nikita (looks very promising!) and Melissa & Joey.

  • I've been loving "Glee"!! it's one of my favorite tv shows ever!! :D
  • На этот вопрос я не могу не ответить. Навсегда для меня останется лучшей и любимой передачей " последний герой" . Я всегда получала огромное удавольствие при посмотре и часто меняла свое мнение о звездах кот участвовали. Так было с Пресняковым, я его терпеть не могла, а после передачи возникло уважение и симпатия к этому артисту
  • Жду балет " Лебединое озеро "

  • most excited to watch: definitely Grey's Anatomy!!! I LOVE THAT SHOW! although the season 6 finale kinda sucked. but I'm lookin forward to seeing McDreamy again on screen :D

    which I'm going to miss: don't know. all the shows that I watch are still running. although I miss ER and Gilmore Girls. but the both ended some time ago.

    new shows: don't have time to watch any more shows :D and I think if I start watching any more shows I'll get totally confused so I'll just stay with the ones I know.

  • Returning show I'm excited about is Dexter, of course. :) Love it!

    And the ones I'm gonna miss the most from last season are LOST & 24. :(

  • Друзья

  • Хотелось бы,чтобы снова показали проект "Народный артист" или "Секрет успеха".
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