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A mile in these shoes

Which living person would you choose to be for a week, and why?

Answers (410)

  • I'd wanna be the one girl who makes my boyfriend happy.

  • Unrealistically i would love to be in Alice Prospero's totally badass shoes for a week because she has mad zombie killing skills, supernatural abilities, and awesome weapons! Although there is the major downside of being hunted every second of her life by zombies and Umbrella. I think it would be great to be like her, strong in the face of hardship, courageous in the face of terror and kind, even when those she tries to help are bastards.

  • Hmm this is an interesting question, does i choose someone who is well off? or do i choose someone who is struggling in life?
    But the question doesn't make it clear whether you'd be them for the week with all thier skills or whether it would be you in their body.
    but im going to answer it as the first option.
    i would pick to be a normal, everyday german person around the same age as me.

  • That crazy guy, because he's a happy smily person and I want to see if his life is really as perfect as he makes it seem

  • my boyfriend so I can better understand what he's going through

  • right now i would say Jay Park and i don't have any reason, i just love that boy :P

  • Bob Marley.....Why? Because it's Bob Marley. I love his point of view and his style...
  • I would totally want to be Mike Shinoda. He's really good at what he does. I would like to see what his day looks like and how he manages to be so multi-talented. Or, you know, to keep up the cliché: his wife. For obvious reasons.

  • My father, or either Fontaine. I don't understand either of them. Such brilliance...corrupted and used for their own selfish reasons, and Rapture fell because of it.

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