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Do you remember?

What is your earliest memory?

Answers (868)

  • My dad tells me I don't remember this, that I'm just imagining the memory, but I seem to remember being a baby and having someone shut me up in a suitcase as a joke. Somehow I recall being in a dark place, and someone pulling up the zipper and me not being able to breathe before they pulled me out. Now, being put in the trunk of a Volkswagon...that's a memory I really can't recall, but they said they did that one, too.
  • my earliest memories... i dont remember how old i was... but it was back when my aunt (mom's best friend, not really blood) my mom and i lived in some appartments. i had a large bedroom that was under the stairs and i had my own bathroom. i remember my room was right next to the kitchen, and we had this HUGE L shaped black leather sofa i absolutely loved. these brown wooden end tables with white dove statues that sat on the platform made under the table section. i remember telling my aunt i wanted to mix different sodas, sprite, high c, and orange. (still do that same combo sometimes lol) and she getting confused. I had been there a while with her...few days i guess. i was young, not in school of any kind yet. and i remember watching all my fave movies. like lion kind, 101 dalmations (had the movie postors in my room along with a few other princess posters). i remember getting aggrivated cause a movie was on, and she wasnt understanding i wanted the drinks mixed, not poured in then poured out again and put a different drink in it. then the front door slammed shut. my mom was laughing (now im older i realize she was drunk) and some tall guy and her giggling up the stairs to her room. the door slammed hard, and loud bang and idk what happened, its a blur. but my favorite poster fell and broke behind my bed. the glass was everywhere. later that week my aunt was grocery shopping and my mom was on couch talking on phone and i came up to her, blood everywhere and my hands cut up all to pieces. and i handed her a glass piece shaped kinda like a fucked up heart... and she freaked, screaming at me and whipped me for playing with glass. i remember my aunt hurrying in and dropping food everywhere and pulled my mom back, and slapped her said she should be a better mother and cleaned up the glass, not get mad i brought it to her. told her i was just a baby, not to hit me and i repeated what she said. this made my mom pissed off and she took off again.... i remember my aunt packing my pink and purple suitcase that said going to grandmas and had a little girl on it. she packed my favorite puppy pahjamas, few toys, photo album, and grabbed my cat named kit-kit. and we went to her moms. i loved going there cause she always had cookies, and the best sweet tea ever made. we stayed there for a long time.... and i remember my aunt and my dad crying the the porch... while my aunt argued with my mom on the phone. i wasnt allowed outside to play with itza the weinie dog my aunts mom had. and i remember being put in the corner from throwing such a fit (threw myself in floor and screamed lol) then i remember i had started daycare... and shortly later my mom came and got me, we moved to a different appartment... and my bedroom was on top floor with ugly brown carpet.. i remember hating that carpet... idk why anymore but i always told my mom we needed to buy rugs. or small carpets as i called them. i remember my mom taking me to doctor and getting me put on pills that were to calm me that were blue and some kind of sleeping pill... it was purple. and she made us grilled cheese and i burned my tongue and i had this white and red recorder radio and we was singing and making fun of my hurt tongue... i also remember this place had a pool.... from that point to the point my mom moved us in with my grandmother, and then jim's house is a blur... but i remember the daycare i went to then, mrs stiegger's. a black lady. first black person i seen. thought she got burnt in the sun lol. and i was the only white girl there, and this white boy named cody (still a great friend today). going to hilcrest elm, and my mom broke my teacher;s finger. then i lived with my grandmother for a while and went to east brainerd elm. and was in choir... but i hated the fat PE teacher... lol some point i moved back in with my mom, and started going to my dads on weekends. but went to the same school up until 5th grade when 911 happened... and mom moved me to rivermont elm that was closer to the house.... i had to go to speach class and this class that helped kids with learning disabilities... my very best friend was in that class too and she always was a sister to me... i got made fun of cause i spelled sandwich "sand witch" in the spelling bee, and my "sister" came up afterwards and hugged me told me it was okay. and i kissed her cheeks... and from that point some asian kid called me gay. and i went home crying to my mom because i didnt know what it was... then later i went to middle school at chatt middle. and i was 1 one less than 50 white kids. all black school mostly. and i had this friend named jay that explained things to me of the ghetto world. and then there was chelsea. a mixed girl. the first girl i had ever kissed, and my first french kiss. my first boyfriend was victor loveday... lol i thought he was the cutest thing on earth... then i dont remember much of middle school other than meeting my bestie now, natashia, band camp... lunch room dorkiness... and summer school where i stayed with a couple of my guy friends (josh, my now adopted brother, and charlie) the whole summer. got my first hickie... and did drugs for first time.. shortly after that. i went to hixson high, where i met the guy i am in love with now... alot of drama and pain happened then so im stopping here... what matters is he was taken from me for a long while. mom forced me to be with european guy cause he was rich... then i took off with garth... pregnant. miscarried. pregnant. and before i popped, ran back into my high school sweet heart. and we are still together now. ^_^

  • My earliest memories are from 1st grade. I don't really remember anything before that, but if do, then in my mind, it's a lost memory without a place on the timeline of my brain :P 

    My biggest memory from 1st grade is the Animals in the Ocean play I was in. It was a presentation for our parents about how much we had learned about sea creatures. I was the puffer fish. We were all standing impatiently, eagerly, and nervous outside of the classroom, in the open air 1st grade hallway of our school - Lakemont Elementary. I don't remember everyone who was in my class, but I do remember clearly giggling outside with my friends Lindsey and Monica. We were all really nervous.

    I've never had stage fright, if I was in a group, but solo, like this presentation was, was my biggest fear at the time. However, we had worked hard on this, and I couldn't back down - oh, the simple rules of life... if they could all be written by 1st graders. 

    It was finally my turn. I walked in through the door into the brightly decorated classroom. There we probably still holiday decorations like menorahs and christmas trees up on the walls, and at the end of the class, sat all of the proud parents on the tiny plastic blue chairs. The desks had been moved out of the way for the audience, and the class looked more spacious then I could have ever thought it was. 

    Me, a tiny 1st grader, was shocked by the change. I walked right up to the line of classmates that had already performed. Did I mention that we all were holding large drawings of our sea-creature on a  piece of cardboard, most likely 2 times the side of my head? Yea. Well, if I remember clearly, I was hiding behind that as I spoke of the home, size, and color of the puffer fish. I barely knew what I was talking about, but it was fun. 

    I guess it wasn't really acting, and it wasn't really anything too big, but it was many things to me at the time. 
  • Мне было года 2. Я была ужасная плакса. Жили мы рядом с лесом на территории бывшего дома отдыха. Играя с детьми, я упала и ударилась. Дальше помню: впереди бегу я и реву во весь голос, сзади толпа детей и все наперебой кричат: Люба упала! А теперь я никогда не плачу, разучилась. Вообще помню много чего примерно с этого возраста (лет с двух). Позже, когда мне было 4 года, родился мой брат. Я хорошо помню, как он лежал поперек кровати, я его рассматривала, а в окна заглядывали мои подружки и кричали: покажи Индрюшку! (его назвали Ильей).

  •  My little brother being born. I was 4 at the time.

  • my dad not turning up for christmas after I sat at the window waiting all day for him

  • My earliest memory is of brushing my teeth. I was two years old. I stood on a pink stepping stool so that I could look at myself in the mirror as I accomplished this task. In this memory, I don't remember seeing my reflection, but I know from pictures that I had fat cheeks like apples and honey brown ringlets with hints of gold. I have always found something oddly satisfying about this activity of brushing my teeth. It is cleansing and it is Zen. It involves no thought, but is my oldest ritual, the side to side motion of the bristles grazing my teeth, the peppermint taste of the toothpaste on my gums. My chubby toddler self brushed upon that stool in the bathroom for a spell, and then I wandered into our apartment living room, still brushing my teeth. My sister, who was six, was playing a car racing video game on the television set, "Victory Run II." The early 90's graphics of video games were like candy to the eye. Each color was vibrant and electric in hue. The sky in this game was berry blue, and the car citrus orange. The edges of the television screen flickered like the flame of a candle. As I watched my sister play this game, I appreciated the happy effect of the colors, more than the actual action taking place. Still brushing my teeth, I turned to look outside into the real world sky. It was night time. The cars were a blur of white light and the airplanes ahead glowed like red lightning bugs. The city glowed with the same electric ecstasy of my sister's video game. I wanted to reach out and taste that electricity, which I imagined to tingle like peppermint toothpaste on my tongue. 
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