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Breaking the food chain

Which one food would you choose to ban from existence, and why?

Answers (555)

  • processed food - unhealthy

  • Anything that involves the meat of cats, dogs and horses. I am sorry, but why would you eat them? That's just nasty. Plus as a big animal lover I find it wrong someone would even think about eating a cat, dog or horse [I have yet to forgive my dad for trying cat/dog meat]. Dog is man's best friend, would you eat your beast friend? No. No you would not. Also in some countries horse is a delicacy, WHY for the love of God why? That's just....no. Last but not least cats. You don't eat a cat, that's not kosher! God didn't put a cat on this earth so you could skin them and eat them, he put them on earth as a companion, just as he did for dogs and horses, hence why DOG is GOD backwards. Dogs are God's most loyal companion.

    So PLEASE stop with the eating of the cats, dogs and horses!

  • MEATLOAF!!!!!

    I hate that sad excuse for a meal SO MUCH!!! Seriously, it looks like someone too regurgitated hamburgers, added a bottle of ketchup and some spices, shoved it all into a bread pan and baked it and then lumped in onto your plate...I'm sorry but YUCK!!!!

    You want to make me happy, never serve me meatloaf.
  • CELERY. That and that nasty bagged brown rice that turns the consistency of oatmeal when you cook it. I made lunches with that shit for three days in a row, and I felt like throwing up after I ate it. The ham and peas didn't help one bit. Also, Vegemite is disgusting. I cannot find a single use for it that actually tastes good. I wouldn't miss Vegemite. Another thing I'd like to ban from existence is that nasty soup they make with navy beans and small chunks of ham and nothing else. LIMA BEANS. WATER CHESTNUTS. Moo Goo Gai Pan. That shitty tasteless red kebab stuff they sell at some Chinese buffets. Just about everything except babaganuche that they offer at KC Grill.
  • macaroni and cheese

  • еду из Макдональдс !во-первых,это очень вредная еда,во-вторых,это просто испытание на силу воли,которой так не хватает(
  • Доширак и Ролтон
  • I think every food has it's place, so I wouldn't ban any.

  • I don't like avocados. Is it actually used in anything delicious? Where you can't taste it at all?
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