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You should have been there

Which five events in history would you choose to experience in person, and why?

Answers (449)

  • 5. Would love to personally experience in person the Elvis Presley concert that was the first Worldwide broadcast on LIVE TV.  - This was monumental and record-breaking at the time of it's broadcast.  It took place in Hawaii and aired in every major country around the world.  As a kid, I remember that it seemed like every one was talking about it.

    4. July 4,1976 - the Bicentennial Celebration in Washington, DC - I wanted to go to DC for that week so bad, I tried everything I could to save money, but alas I was too young...

    3.  The very first international wine tasting event/championship (whatever) where California wines were included and awarded honors.
    I love wine, though not an avid enthusiast, and I would love to experience the feeling of elation for the US and the utter surprise of the judges upon finding out that they chose a California wine...*grins*

    2.  The Philadelphia Experiment - what really happened?

    1.  The events surrounding the decision that my biological mother made to leave me at her friend's office (turned out it was a shady lawyer) and taken by an well-known, well-to-do, verbally eviscerating and physically abusive couple, to be raised as their own ' God-forbid-don't-you-embarrass-me' little girl.  I just want to know why... and how come she told my biological father that I was killed in a car accident?  Why couldn't I just go with him?  instead he thought I was dead.  weird. Just wondering.
  • I picked all religious events because everything else is just trivia. The following things would be life altering. 1. The creation of the universe. The book of Genesis lacks detail on the subject. Is it possible that God made a huge ball of mass and made it blow up? If He plotted the whole thing out from start to finish, there'd be no chance involved, thus it really wouldn't be "evolution". But we don't know because we weren't there. 2. The Garden of Eden. Were there dinosaurs? Were the animals there proto-animals? How long were they there? Was it really a short period? Or was it hundreds of years? 3. The time of Jesus. So many details are left out of the gospels. So many things are hotly debated, like the virgin birth, the resurrection, the death of Judas, whether or not the sermon on the mount was one event or a string of lessons scattered throughout a number of years... I could drop by and...AHA! I mean, just to see what they do day in and day out would be instructive. I'm sure the disciples didn't do miracles every single day. I'm sure some days they just fished or gave stuff to the poor, or preached in places. The ordinariness has been lost to history. 4. Exodus. To see how life was for the Israelites in Egypt, to hear the Egyptian language (though I can't understand it) and see how the lower half live, to see if it's really all due to a volcano, and what the real story is about Moses sticking all five of his adult sons on one donkey. 5. To see the setting in which any of the psalms was used. Psalms were basically hymns written for various purposes. Scholars only guess what event they go to, and some attribute all of them to David and Solomon. Pick a psalm at random and show me the event it was used at when someone read it aloud to their intended audience for the first time. It would explain so much about the usefulness of this huge book of poetry, and how badly modern people have divorced the original music from the psalm.
  • Nothing fancy and no reasons given because anyone who knows me ought to know why. Also, my answers assume the fantasy that I would easily be given the opportunities. I wouldn't look to change or record anything, but just to experience; just as the thingy says. 1) Vienna, Austria on September 30, 1791 to see the premiere of The Magic Flute, which Mozart himself conducted. 2) Chalons, Gaul, Gatalaunian fields on June 20, 451 to fight with the Romans against the Huns; even though I have great respect for them. 3) Jerusalem, c. 28 B.C. to seek out Jesus and spend the last two years of his life with him and maybe spend some time in Jerusalem after his crucifixion. 4) Yorktown, Virginia on October 16, 1781 to fight and then see the surrender of Cornwallis, and to participate in the one hell of a party that must have ensued. 5) Unknown, approximately 100 million years ago to see as many dinosaurs up close as I can, dammit. Bonus time! 6) Any point in time and place in which this planet may have been visited by intelligent alien life because by god if they're out there, they HAD to have come here at some point! End Transmission.

  • 1. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth the first because she was a strong woman who I greatly look up to.
    2. The opening night of Les Meserables in London, the show that Nick Jonas played Marius because I'm a lover of the arts and am a Jonas Brothers fan.
    3. The creation of life, because I want to know if we really were Created by 'god' or if we were an evolution over time because of a big bang.
    4. The Roe vs. Wade trial, because that was such a monumental moment in woman's rights and abortion rights.
    5. The signing in of George Washington into the Presidential Office because it would have been nice to meet my ancestor just once.

  • 1) beginning of life - just for the sake of knowing how it all began
    2) first want or desire - this is something so paramount we have no word for it
    3) building of the pyramids - who wouldn't want to see that marvel of engineering?
    4) Golden Age of rome - it was once a thriving empire, I am curious what it was like at its peak
    5) first moon mission - it was a major turning point in our history, well one of them

  • These are the six events in history I would've liked to have witnessed.
    1.  The first day in GOD'S creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    2.  The second day in GOD'S creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    3.  The third day in GOD's creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    4.  The fourth day in GOD'S creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    5.  The fifth day in GOD'S creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    6.  The sixth day in GOD'S creation of the solar system in general and Earth in particular.  Then I'll say it was good.
    I'll rest on the seventh day.

  • First Event: The reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt. Yes, I know it's not really an event, but still. One, because I want to know how those dang pyramids were built; two, because it's Hatshepsut, people, keep up (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatshepsut for the unaware); and three, because I think learning Ancient Egyptian would be freaking awesome for a language geek like me.

    Second Event: A speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr. I would have loved to have been able to listen to him speak.

    Third Event: The arrival of Kleopatra into Rome. (I know, I know, I skip around time-wise. Sue me.) Because that would have been so utterly opulent, so insanely in-your-face, that it would have been breathtaking.

    Fourth Event: The coronation of Elizabeth I, because I love that period in history and I really would have loved to offer some hygenic advice.

    Fifth Event: I would have loved to have been in the Tower of London when the two Plantaganet princes mysteriously vanished, because I want to know what happened to them, damn it.

    Bonus Event: The room where they broadcast the Battle of Britain.

  • I would spend a year as a handmaiden to Cleopatra, learn about the culture, how to mummify someone, and all of the fascinating ancient Egyptian history.
    Maybe witness the birth (or death, or a miracle, or something to make it tangible for me) of Jesus, just to see if it really happened.
    I would spend a year living with an ancient Inca tribe, and another year apprenticing with an Indian (native American) medicine man.
    And one more year in China, studying with Geisha.

    I get to remember all of these events in my current life, right?

  • 1) Father's revolt against Uncle Arthur with the Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745 - especially the battle of Culloden in 1746. My clan fought valiantly in that battle, but many were slaughtered. Someday I'll go see the clanstones...
    2) Uncle Arthur taking on the Spanish Armada.
    3) The D-Day invasion of Normandy. It was a pivotal event in the Second World War and even though it was dangerous and I probably wouldn't have lasted a second, I would've liked to at least see it firsthand like my uncles and my mother.
    4) The Great Exhibition of 1851, which showcased international innovations in a splendid glass building they called the Crystal Palace. Shame it burned down in 1936.
    5) Uncle Alfred's boss Abraham Lincoln giving his Gettysburg Address. I've read the speech and it's quite moving; I would have loved to hear it in person.
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