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Random acts of kindness

What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Answers (544)

  • Думаю, самый хороший мой поступок заметить и открыть природные способности в человеке, которого не понимали окружающие его близкие люди. Считали ни на что не способным и ничтожным.

  • дружище! В жопу твою рекламу )

  • One day I was on Grafton Street and I met a blind girl that was lost. I helped her find her bus stop and waited with her until her bus came just to make such she got the right bus (a few buses stop at that stop). 

    Another time I was in a Tesco supermarket, and two teenagers robbed a woman's hangbag. The two kids ran out the door passed two security guards that just stood there and did nothing to stop the kids. The woman was in hysterics crying. They'd took all her money, car keys and her phone. The staff in the store did nothing to help the woman. They didn't even call the garda (what we call the police in Ireland). I gave her the money to get a taxi home.

    The nicest thing a stranger has done for me was one day I was running late for work and just as I was walking past the corner on to the street were my bus stop is, the bus went past me, but the driver must have seen me running for it and waited for me till I got to the stop.

  • The nicest thing I have ever done for strangers is buy them food and some I have refer to help groups or homeless shelters. But I guess any decent human being would do that. As a mass I go to homeless shelters to provide my services, I help in whatever way I can.

    The nicest thing that a stranger has done for me is given me nice encouraging words. I was once told, that if I ever was in need of help he would come to my aid because I was kind to him and help him when he needed someone the most. He was an older man who was looking for food for his family. They became pretty much homeless due to some unfortunate misfortune, his family just move to a motel. So I bought his man some food for him and his family. I also told him about the food banks that he can go get free food. I also told him where he can go to get free shelter and how to get help.

  • Был очевидцем ДТП и оказал первую помощь, вызвал скорую помощь, и соправодил до больнице,!

  • I actually have no idea whatsoever.
    But I usually, give my seat to elderly people or mothers and small children.
    I would also help them cross the street, while I carry their load.
    Ooh and there was once an old lady who was I think, senile, and helped her reached her home safely---that was one wacky adventure.

    As for people who did nice things to me?
    I remember this one dude I randomly met at an event in Quezon City,  and he helped me get to my train (waited for me), then sent me off to my shuttle bus to go home...

    That was real nice. 
  • Какой самый хороший поступок я совершил для незнакомого человека или он сделал для меня?

    Помните, раньше, при коммунизме, все пионеры были помешаны на добрых делах, а точнее их "заставляли" делать добрые дела и совершать благородные поступки. А потом,  на пионерских собраниях отчитывались о том, кто сколько сумок помог донести до пятого этажа и сколько бабушек перевёл через дорогу за неделю :)

    Помнится мне, однажды я без всякого принуждения пионерской ячейки, зимой, помог одной бабульке на своих санках довести сумку до дома. Но вот один вопрос не даёт мне покоя, зачем бабульки нагружают сумки так, что даже не могут их тащить? Хотя, им виднее.

    А однажды мне на дороге помог мой клиент. У меня возникла проблема с автомобилем, а он проезжал мимо, увидел, остановился и засучив рукава, починил мне авто. Вот это поступок.  А из меня автомастер, как из Тайсона балерун. Я просто ездок.

    На десерт. Наверное многие из вас уже пользуются популярным сайтом Slando по адресу  http://slando.com.ua. Потому что доска объявлений Сландо это возможность приобрести, либо продать хоть дом, хоть автомобиль. Причём, подать объявление на сайте можно бесплатно.  Родственники в прошлом месяце нашли на Сландо подходящий участок с недостроенным домом.

  • Apparently it's the facebook group i created for people moving into courts in uni but thats a group of strangers! Then the nicest thing to happen to me was when I got too drunk (the only time) and lost all my friends, a security guard from a nightclub walked me to the train station to get a taxi home and told the taxi driver (after looking at my id) my address as I actually couldn't remember it.

    When I was in high school, I got out early from school. I was in a pretty good mood because that meant going home early and watch anime. I even stopped by a chicken place to buy some.


    On my way I saw this old lady who fell down and I crossed the street to help her up. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes in a way that sounded like no. I sat her down and stayed by her for a while. I opened my box and said that wasn’t very hungry. She shyly took a fry and when she ate it she started to cry. She ended up eating the whole thing, but I didn’t mind, i had more food at home. She started telling me about her life and how she just lost her daughter and felt all alone. I did my best to listen and she just exploded.

    After she calmed down she told me she had to go to the bus station. It was past my school and nowhere near my house, but I went with her nonetheless. I was worried something might happen along the way.  She asked me about me and why, if I’m a public school student, had this ridiculously big backpack. “Well, between my actual notebooks, my writing notebooks and my books… I end up with quite a heavy load. Soon I’ll be ringing bells at Notre Dame, but I can’t help myself.” She laughs and I could tell she felt a little better.

    When we get to the station her bus was about to leave. She hugs me, bends me down and kisses my forehead before leaving. I wave good bye as the bus leaves before me. Soon she was gone and I never saw the old lady again. I went home as planned, but by then I had missed the show I wanted to catch. I didn’t mind though. There will always be reruns, but people like that you usually meet once.




    Warning: this story is not my brightest moment.This may not be the nicest, but I like it because it's cute and shows my silly/spazz side. XD

    Some years ago, when I worked in Disney, I got lost in Epcot (yes, I’m aware they have kiddy maps and getting lost is stupid). See, by that time I had gotten lost at Magic Kingdom 3 times (I don’t care, those maps are confusing) and my roommates had a running joke about me. Every time I would come back they would ask me where had I gotten lost this time, which is embarrassing when you start telling them how you ended up in the loading room at Wallmart when you were looking for a lunch bag.  So I was determined to not get lost at all, extremely determined.

    I grabbed my map and made sure to stick it to my face every step of the way. At the time I wanted to go to Japan to buy some pocky and I had gotten out of the Simba video presentation about not polluting. So I see this bridge and I cross it and i just do my Belle impersonation where I walk without watching. I was too distracted by the map and mental ranting about how I’ll show my roommates how I didn’t get lost. Then I realized my feet were soaking wet. I was in a beach… in Epcot… HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!

    I notice a boardwalk close by and a series of shops that are not in the map and I have no idea how I got there. I have an extremely bad sense of direction. I have no idea where South is, I barely can distinguish right from left and all streets look the same to me. I’m not stupid, I’m just bad at following directions unless it’s a place I frequent. One of the reasons I love Paris: impossible to get lost when you live in front of a train station. I never knew where I was or where I was heading, but with a train station in every corner I knew that I could always go home easily. So I’m in a boardwalk, then a parking lot looking to get back to the park, then back at the boardwalk and I sit down.

    Then this guy sits down next to me and eventually asks me what’s wrong. he seemed nice enough so I told him everything. He then goes: “Ah, I understand what happened, Shaolina.” I bug eyed because I never told him my name. He pointed at my park “cast member” ID and explained: “you got on the wrong bridge.” Turns out there are two bridges in the park, but they only add to the map one. The other one leads to a resort and only resort people can enter, but because I like to wear my ID in the neck the guard must have left me pass thinking I was heading to work and I was too distracted to notice. (I later on got scolded for always wearing my ID on my neck when I was a guest)

    I was mortified. Just thinking about my roommates alone was enough to make me dig a hole and bury myself. “My God, I’m such a spazz!” was all I managed to say. He laughed and bought me an ice cream. We left the resort area together and spent the rest of the day hanging out. It was nice, for somebody as shy as me, to have a day where I befriended somebody instantly. He never hit on me and gave me a good day at the parks. By the end of the day I was sad to let him go, but I'll always treasure the day. 

    Then I came home and my best friend/roommate asks me “Hey, did you get lost today?” I smiled at her and said “Yes, and it was awesome as always.” After that I just adapted a “Que sera, sera” attitude in the parks. I had to admit, every time I got lost in there I always ended up meeting somebody nice and sweet and ended the day with a laugh.

  • Моя Соседка!! закрасила стену рядом с нашей квартирой. красиво, аккуратно. Она такая умница
    У меня самые лучшие соседи!!)

    Бабушка с сыном (конечно, я подобиделась на излишнее внимание к моей персоне по началу, даже сильно) но они лучшие!!)

    Потом - девушка соседка, которая красиво нарисовала мультяшными героями стену, и рядом с нашей дверью все покрасила - и мама ее, и вся их семья - они мне очень нравятся, хотя я мало общаюсь с ними

    А ниже этажом - мне тоже все три квартиры нравятся

    А под нашей квартирой живет семья - мама, папа, сын и дочка, вобще самые любимые) мне очень нравятся. А на Пасху их мама напекла куличи - и я их видела, она вышла на площадку - они были такие красивые) даже по виду видно, что вкусные


    когда я приехала в этот город, какой-то незнакомец стал делать добрые для меня

    он следил, прослушивал, и так заботился обо мне и о ребенке

    я не знаю кто это был, но тот кто это делал - он самый лучший, и у него самое доброе сердце







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