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Do you want to know a secret?

How do you think personal relationships would change if people could read minds?

Answers (848)

  • Безусловно! Они стали бы более открытыми ))
  • More careful with how they think, say and do things.

  • Если бы все люди резко научились читать все мысли других людей и не было бы способа защититься -- да, люди бы нахуй вымерли. А если бы человечество зародилось с включённым вайфаем, то тоже вымерли бы. Идиотский, обглоданный миллион раз вопрос, на самом деле.
  • по кайфу че а если люди глухонемые например по моему забавный скил "в один конец" для тех у кого нет скила "рубить правду матку",зато есть скил "ссаться под себя и окружающих" -дааа!*довольный рык*прям получился мне даже написать больше нечего,просто у меня уже понеслись всякие фантазии и грезы на эту тему ) ну ладно вот конкретный ответ мое бы отношение не поменялось к человеку потому что я сужу по поступкам а не ментальному поносу в голове тут есть два варианта втихоря читать их и смеятся над тем,какой ты охуеный и умеешь читать мысли. помогать людям например ,вдруг диверсии всякие затеваются ох) а у меня хорошая интуиция и мне не нужен этот ваш скил .

  • *Sarcasim dripping* No. I think that if I new everyone of my friends deep secretes my relation ships would actually be just the same.  Just the same and I would never want to punch any boys in the face for thinking I'm ugly or something. *Out of her sacastic beauty* Umm Hell yes, relation ships would change if I could read people minds. I would probably live in my closet comming out only for food and the bathroom every day. And that would be sad. Very sad.

    If I knew what people were actually thinking of me everything would change because even though, i know that people aren't always going to love me, It would kind of be a rude awakening hereing it from everyone that are to poleit to like say it. And Most people love me. I mean I;'m a little akward but... I don't need to here what the preps are really saying...

  • I don't think there would BE any personal relationships anymore if everyone could read minds. I believe a sort of "unity" would result, leaving some sort of all-knowing spiritual entity (whom many would call God). This is why I do not believe mankind (with these bodies, anyway) will ever be able to read minds on a large scale. I do believe rare and isolated incidents can and do exist, though I've never had such an experience myself.


    But it all depends on how honest people are in what they think and how they put that across.

  • Еще как изменились бы)  Иногда мне этого не хватает.. иногда очень хочется прочитать мысли или чтоб мысли были прочитаны.. Быть искренними сложно..

  • Well, obviously cliques would be more tight-knit, considering that birds of a feather, flock together. People who think alike will know each others' thoughts, thus letting them know who they would get along better--unless they're the catty type, then those types will probably be left off to the side, considering if they're only going to backstab everyone, everyone will know and they won't want to be near that person. Relationships as in romantic would be more honest and probably not last as long because who knows where the stray thought could end up? "Oh, she's such a bitch!" is probably going through everyone's minds at least once about someone...
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