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It was a very good year

Which year would you consider the best of your life so far?

Answers (741)

  • 1999
  • тот который впереди ..

  • Когда я закончила школу и началась взрослая жизнь:)

  • The best year of my life?
    Want to know why? Because I was a youngster back then. I did not know a love between two person (well, it's a love between men and women). All I had to do back then was playing around all day long without to have being carried away by any burden *laughing out loud*. I woke up in the morning, get ready for school, met my friends at school, played a tag game, gone home by the afternoon, changed clothes, had a superb, and then gone out again (played all type of extreme game). I was a narrow-minded child, and yes, it's okay for me to acted like a spoiled brat around those years ♥♥.

  • This year has been my best so far.  I've gotten my life back on track, I'm no longer depressed, I'm back in school, I've made new friends, and I have a future again!  Not bad for a year.

  • 2001. I remember that year so well. Everything was perfect in its own way, my family, my school, my friends..  and then suddenly BAM! We had to move to Edirne, the place I'm living now. I cried so hard that my eyes got hurt badly. In fact, I don't remember crying that hard ever again. Moving definitely changed everything. Back then I was just a kid. And suddenly losing my environment and everything didn't do any good to me. I wouldn't mind moving away now, because I've grown mature over the years. And some people might say that moving isn't bad and I'm overreacting, but trust me it is. Especially for a kid growing up, it is difficult to create an environment from zero. Anyway, I tried to get used to my new life. Well, at first, I was kind of an emo. As time passed by, I got used to it but I still don't like it here. If I could, I'd return to 2001 and try to change it somehow.

  • this year has been great for me...finished paying for a car then bought a new one..gained a bestie, lost some "dead weight" and turned 21!!

  • ВСЕ!

  • Каждый год хорош вначале, потому что питаем надеждами. Каждый год слегка печален в конце, потому что он закончился. Даже если баланс "хорошо - плохо" с уклоном в сторону "Хорошо", все равно он уже был.  Поэтому лучший год - это год, в котором ты живешь сейчас. И имеешь возможность вспоминать и выбирать, какой из прошедших был  хорошим, а какой - плохим...
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