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Imagine your first chart-topping album has just been released. What sort of music is on it? What does the cover art look like?

Answers (364)

  • The album is entitled "The Death of Vanity" and would be of the symphonic metal genre (listen to some EPICA or Nightwish if you've never heard of this) The cover would be a sunset back-lighting an angel statue or a gothic cathedral.

  • Probably indie/alternative.
    The cover is a warped city.

  • for sure it would be somthing like the groupe epica im a big fan of symphonique rock,and for the cover it would be me with my long dark hair and blue eyes covred with blood with a black dress super gothic :)))

  • Pop, Pop-rock, or Rock music would be on it. These genres are my favourite. Ballads may possibly be on it too. I can't play any instruments so classical music wouldn't and couldn't be even attempted. What does the cover art look like? It depends on what is in the album. I would definitely want something to reflect the album, whether it is the lyrics or rhythm or the instruments used. 
  • what kind of music?? same thing you'd hear on the radio, on the b-sides it would me more of my kind of songs but still having that top 40 kind of feel.... lots of in your face guitar for fast songs.. and piano and violin for the softer ones, i'd also want to stick an accapelle in there somewhere, maybe that would be on the b-side. and the cover art? it would be blank, all white with a barcode.. and the UPC numbers would spell out words of an inside joke.

  • I suddenly have an urge to complete many questions, and I've chosen this as my second question! 

    Hmmmm, so first chart-topping album, would probably be something poppy like Taylor Swift (It seems like all female singers start off that way, hey?) 

    But if I could choose and I was super talented, I've always enjoyed slow songs with meaningful lyrics, for example, John Mayer is one of my favourite singers ever. So I would love to be a female John Mayer, with a soulful voice and emotional, beautiful songs.. You know? :P 

    The cover art would be something simple, I guess. Maybe an arty photo of me (A good one too!) looking forlorn (not too upset) or a cliche looking into the distance sort of photo, if you get me? Not too sure what I'm saying anymore, I'm kinda just rambling now. 
  • Oh god. My music would be the fucking weirdest shyte you've ever heard in your life. But it'd work! I love to shock people, so I think that given the chance I'd create music that was both beautiful and enchanting but outrageous and dramatic and gothic and crazy and poetic and made little sense unless you listened to it lots but it would have hidden meaning. I would love so much to create music like this, so that I could inspire people to lose all rules, music is what YOU create, there are no boundaries, it is what you make it and it always will be if it's yours. I would have gorgeous instrumentals and crazy songs that were funny and ironic and mental. Kind of like music that would go with a canvas that was brimming with creativity. I would hold myself as the muse, along with the rest of the world and the events within it. As for the art work, I would make sure I made the most beautiful quirky eyecatching imagery anybody had ever seen. If only.... ♥

  • По стилю это будет прогрессив-рок, на обложке - пейзажи в духе игры World Of Warcraft..

  • My music would be a mix between old Taking Back Sunday, some Brand New, Her Space Holiday, & Mayday Parade; with a little twist of Modest Mouse. It'd be emotional. Kind of punk-rock alternative.
    The cover would be abstract. Somewhere on it would be a road, but not one you could see just by looking at it. There would be meaning. Importance. But not something obvious to everyone. You would have to look for it. Be creative & see what you want to see.

  • Всего лишь две мои симфонии. Обложка - супер!
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