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School daze

Do you have negative or positive associations with the beginning of the school year?

Answers (642)

  • да и нет
  • For college, positive. For highschool, I don't know if you consider a queasy feeling in your stomach due to nervousness negative or positive. You can get the same feeling trying to ask a girl out on a date.
  • ...встреча со школьными друзьями, которых не видела всё лето, августовские дожди, которые уже утомили и хочется разнообразия, которое ожидает в школе, новые пакости, которые созрели в голове за время летних каникул и которые нужно срочно воплотить в школе, конечно же, позитивных ассоциаций море)), тем более, что школьные годы так быстро проходят...просто пролетают...
  • в основном негативные. ученики ребята хорошие, но современная школа их портит. Сегодня, к сожалению, дети учителям не нужны, а их морально-нравственное воспитание тем более. Так, что приходят они в университеты совершенно никакие, разболтанные… поэтому первые двойки, рефераты, дипломы и контрольные, постоянные н/з – они же школьные курс практически весь прослушали, а не познали.и откуда тут позитив брать? одно радует, те, кто доживает до 5-го курса заметно меняются в лучшую сторону)

  • positive because im very outgoing and friendly 
  • Positive the beginning of school is great fresh classes new faces the opportunity to start all over as is the end it's everything in-between that's tough

  •      I definitely have negative associations with the beginning of the school year. All my childhood memories from the first day of school still resonate with me. I've had a number of bad experiences that have happened on the very first day of school.
         One of the first memories I had of the first day of school was when I was about 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. I had just moved back to California from Florida and moved to a city called Lynwood. My family and I had moved to a school that was a couple of blocks away from my house. I believe it was called Will Rogers Elementary School. My mom had walked me to school and walked me into class and reassured me that I was going to be okay, and told me to walk straight home after school because she wasn't going to be at the house right away because of her work.
         The day went pretty okay, I was very shy but met a couple of classmates who I quickly got along with. The traumatizing part of my first day of school happened when it came time to walk home. At first I felt very confident because I knew my house wasn't that far away. I started walking counting the blocks, and observing the houses and apartments I passed. After 5 blocks I was confused, I realized that I was walking for quite a while and still haven't seen my house. I then thought maybe I missed a turn, or it's one block down the opposite direction.
         So when I tried to navigate where I was I realized that I was lost. I started having an anxiety attack because I didn't know what to do. My eyes started tearing and I just balled out crying because I felt so hopeless. I felt like I would never get home, and feared getting kidnapped by some stranger. I was so mad at my mom for insisting that I walk home by myself during the first day of school. I just sat there in the middle of the sidewalk, and cried out loud.
         Suddenly, I heard a voice. It was a gentle worried voice from a woman. "Oh my goodness, sweetie are you okay? Are you lost? Where is your mommy or daddy?" I looked up crying and could barely get the words out of my mouth to say I was lost, so I just nodded my head and asked her if she could take me back to school. The kind lady walked me back to the elementary school and asked the main office to contact my mom. I was still so shook up that I didn't say anything. The kind lady waited with me until my mom came. The principal spoke with my mom and said to her that it wasn't right for her to have just  left me on my own without knowing I could get back by myself. After that day, my mom made sure I knew the exact route to get to my house.
         Another traumatizing first day of school was when I started middle school in 6th grade. I was older about 11 years old, so obviously I felt extremely more confident about not getting lost etc. However, little did I know how difficult it would be for me to figure out where my different classes were around the school campus. Middle school was the start of having multiple classes in one day, so I had to figure out where all 6 of my classes were located. It wasn't that bad because I wasn't shy to ask around and ask students and teachers where these different classes were.
        But the thing that really got to me that day was when I found my first class and sat down. All of a sudden I hear students saying "What is that smell?" and complaining about something smelling bad. I smelt it too and looked around to see what it might be. Then I see students looking at the bottoms of their shoes checking if they had stepped on anything. So, naturally I did the same thing, and to my dismay I saw dog feces all over the sole of my right shoe. I was completely horrified and embarrassed! I got up and ran outside the class straight to the bathroom.
         As I was running outside of the class I hear some people laughing and some people sounding shocked. I could not believe that happened to me and was so ashamed and embarrassed. I didn't even want to return to class. But I did, because I knew I would get in trouble. Thankfully, when I walked back in, the girls sitting next to me told me that it was okay and to not care about those who were laughing. I was lucky to have met those girls because they ended up being my good friends throughout middle school and backed me up through any situation.
         So I guess with any bad experience there is always a lesson learned, and sometimes good things come out of bad experiences. But from just 2 of my dramatic bad first day of school experiences, I've always had negative associations with the first day of school. Now that I'm older, I know better and hope that one day I can ease the anxiety of the first day of school for my children and grandchildren.

  • Негативные. Потому что мне всё это надоело.

  • I love the beginning of school. You get to find out who is in your class. You can see some of your friends again who you haven't seen during the summer. You can start learning again. The only downside about it is, that after a week, you don't remember the last time you took a break.
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