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Writer's Block

Money ain’t a thing

If money were no object, what technology big or small would you buy tomorrow?

Answers (257)

  • 3D Holographic screen for computer/tv.
  • An atlatl.

  • I would purchase four space shuttles before it's taken out of circulation. It may already be too late. In that case, I'll build four brand new space shuttles and name them all after me. Then I would use all four spaceshuttles to build a giant sized spacestation in outer space. Then I would use the giant sized spacestation in outer space as my base of operations. Then I would purchase a medieval castle in Europe and use it as my secondary base of operations.  Oh yes, I would build another base of operations in the middle of a rain forest in South America. Then I would use my corporate empire to improve the human race and make it better. Hey, it worked for Hugo Drax in the James Bond film Moonraker. Surely the same exact plan would work for me.

  • An iPad and a Blackberry Torch. :)  Simultaneously. lol

  • 1. An iPad for Eryn
    2. iPod touches for each of my parents
    3. BlackBerrys for me and Eryn with unlimited plans
    4. An iPad for Gracie
    5. Whatever media players my friends wanted
    6. A new camera
    7. Nintendo DSi
    8. A MacBook Air
    9. An iPod nano
    10. A teleporter (if they existed)

  • The ZuneHD and a speaker for my guitar.
  • One o' them pocket electronic Japanese-to-English dictionaries. Hey, wow, I see that the advertising has gotten even worse since I bought this account. >_<
  • Robot butler.

  • if i could buy any piece of technology right now, or tomorrow. I would definatly buy an ipad. because there is a new app, where it's like the kindle and you can read a large variety of books on the go. i like the idea of that :)

  • Although it doesn't exist (at least to the knowledge of the common person) I would buy a time machine.  Based on my interests in older comics, authors, and music, my friends and family are always commenting on how I was born in the wrong era.  With said time machine, I would travel back to the 50's and live through the decades I love, namely the 60's.  If an event could be changed I would most definitely stop Hate from killing John Lennon.

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