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Fashion trend of the summer

Which summer trend sent you running to the shops? Which trends are already tired?

Answers (89)

  • If you are tired of not delivering what you would like in bed, you have enlastreviewed to help you.

  • Lace! I love lace! Was that a summer trend? Lace is beautiful, it is romantic, it is feminine. It makes me feel like a doll...

    For the fall trends I have to love military. Also, pairing masculine pieces with very feminine ones.

  • I try to avoid temporary trends whenever possible.  Working minimum wage at Mr. Hero Restaurant is my only source of income.  Without minimum wage income from Mr. Hero Restaurant, I'm flat broke one hundred percent.  I can't afford to spend money on trends that's only going to be in existence for only three months maximum.  I'm going to need to stick to something that will last for multiple years until the object becomes worn out.  Once worn out, the object is then donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  In fact, sometimes I shop at either Goodwill or at the Salvation Army for clothing that isn't trendy.  I don't have any problems with such an approach. 
  • All trends are tired. Fashion is passe. The future is nudism!
  • I don't shop based on trends. But what am I tired of SKINNY JEANS!!!!! They're ugly and you are ugly in them.

  • Heat.  I think our air conditioner just quit working on what is supposed to be one of the hottest days we have this summer.

    And that answers both questions.

  • Flip Flops.  I just love Sandals and Flats.

  • I stopped flat ironing my hair for the summer. Oh and I wear eyeliner and mascara during the summer.
  • I don't really do trends. I mean, I'll try stuff on at the store, but trends don't usually work for my body. I usually just try to find things that fit well and look nice. That's the trend I want to come around. Fashion that fits well, for everyone. Even the super skinny people who think they need to show it all off. Buy stuff that really fits. If it clings, it's too small.
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