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If you could replace any actor/actress in a film with someone else, who would you replace, and why?

Answers (442)

  • That's an easy question.  I'd replace Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in the movie Constantine.

    It doesn't matter who I'd replace him with, I just loathe Keanu Reeves.  Man couldn't act like he was falling if you pushed him off a cliff.  A wet sack of rocks would have more personality.

    Though I heard the character was designed with Sting in mind.  Not sure how good of an actor he is though.  I've only seen him in one movie--a guy Ritchie film, I think.  Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels perhaps?  No matter.  It was a long time ago and I don't remember how good he was in it.  But like I said, it doesn't matter.  As long as it's not Keanu Reeves, I'll be happy.  Or at least not as thoroughly disgusted.

    And to think, there's rumors of a sequel.  *shudder*

  • Kate WInslet in Titanic maybe? Even though she is gorgeous in there, I would love to be her in the movie... just for the sake of that particular role

  • Самым прикольным актёром за динамику, за трюги, считаю этого актера

  • Angelina Jolie in anything she's ever been in because she's a crappy actress and evil people should never be rewarded for doing evil deeds. Any number of actresses could replace her in any thing she's ever done and do it far better.

    Ricki Lake in Mrs. Winterbourne because again...not a great actress and that movie could have been SO much better with a better leading lady.

    I know there are others, they are just escaping me at the moment.

  • I think I'd just chuck all modern movies out the window.  How's that?  Why even bother trying to fix things that are unfixable?  They just suck....
    The Narnia movies are okay, though, and can stay.
  • Michael Gambon (or however the fuck you spell his name) from the 3rd Harry Potter movie onward. admittedly, they were doomed when Richard Harris died, because that man was THE PERFECT Dumbledore. however, they could've gotten a halfway decent representation of Dumbledore for the following movies. but no. we got saddled with this asshole. now, i haven't seen him in anything else, so he may be a decent actor, maybe even a great one. but he is THE WORST DUMBLEDORE I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO SEE. he yells, he pushes, he grabs people. he had ONE LINE in 4 movies that rang true as Dumbledore for me. ONE LINE. IN FOUR MOVIES. again, this may be misplaced anger. it could very well be the director's fault (the Harry Potter movies only had about 50 of them). however, these horrid abortions of book based movies left me with 2 things. 1) a deep seated hatred for the man playing Dumbledore 2) a burning desire to see the 6th one, no matter how bad it was, just to see that actor's death scene. i know Sir Ian McKellen has already played a wizard, but c'mon! HE could've done a better Dumbledore than this guy. i even toyed with Patrick Stewart in my head as Dumbledore. i'm glad i saw this question. i feel better now that i've vented about something that has bothered me EVER SINCE THE 3RD HARRY POTTER MOVIE CAME OUT. thanks for your time. and feel free to leave the names of any actors YOU think would've played a better Dumbledore than this guy. R.I.P. Richard Harris. you will be remembered by Potter fans for all time.
  • Jennifer Anniston in the Bounty hunter with Angelina Jolie because that movie seriously lacked the sexual tension it could have had. I had a bit of a "wha-wha-wuhaaa" moment watching it. (Nothing wrong with Jennifer, but she is quirky and not sexy... and I just realised as I was writing this, I pulled a Brad Pitt... yikes, sorry Jen)

  • FILM

    Leslie Howard in Gone With The Wind, with someone younger.

    Gregory Peck in Moby Dick, with someone crazier.

    David Thewlis in HP, with someone younger, prettier and androgynous.

    Peter Ustinov in Billy Budd, with Max von Sydow, PLEASE! I'd even change time-space continuity to get that!

    Keira Knightley to Nathalie Portman in POTC, and Orlando Bloom for someone who actually looks good AND manly. (How about a time machine and a young Cary Elwes?)

    John Noble to someone who can ACT and isn't a walking Narm in LotR, like, FUCKING NOW.

    Mel Gibson to ANYONE ELSE, in everything.

    John Malkovich to someone who doesn't look like a stoned zombie, in the Les Mis miniseries... no, wait, nothing could make that shameful shit of an adaptation better...

    Claire Danes to Natalie Portman in the 1998 Les Mis. And prevent Liam Neeson from that SMILE. It would be quite ok then.

    Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code, with Harrison Ford. I think the book even said he looks like Harrison Ford... also, Audrey Tautou (sp?) with Sophie Marceau.

    Johnny Depp for a _bass-baritone_ in Sweeney. Also HBC for a _contralto_. Dammit, just let George Hearn and Patti LuPone do it RIGHT!


    Jon Vickers. WHY had he to be in that otherwise perfect ROH Grimes video? WHY?!

    Replace Fritz Hübner with Matti Salminen for Fafner/Hagen, and hire someone else for Fasolt.

    Ruggero Raimondi. Nothing could make that super-boring Losey Don Giovanni better, but he makes it EVEN WORSE. Also, why does this man sing Scarpia I can't even

    Replace all contemporary Heldentenors with Christian Franz! Clone him or something!

    Replace Robert Tear in the 1994 Geneva Billy Budd with Philip Langridge. Or someone who has a PRESENCE, not just a voice.

    Also Billy Budd - Bo Skovhus in the first Vienna series. NO JUST NO! Any other baritone would do better. ANY!

    For that matter, Peter Glossop isn't too pretty in the '66 TV film either, but at least he can SING.

    Josephine Barstow in the Solti/Salzburg Ballo. Couldn't they find someone PRETTIER?

    Loius Quilico with Sherrill Milnes in the Levine/Met Domingo/Freni/Ghiaurov/Bumbry Don Carlo. He ruins the whole thing!

    José Cura in the 2002 London Trovatore, with someone who can sing, has style and doesn't play the macho jerk. How about Kaufman? There's nothing sexier than Hvorostovsky/Kaufman subtext, and that Trovatore is all unresolved sexual tension between Luna and Manrico.

    Let Johan Reuter sing all three Wotans in the Copenhagen Ring - the Walküre/Siegfried Wotan is average, but Reuter's young mafioso would be interesting to see in development!

    Throw Hildegard Behrens out of the Met Ring. PLEASE. She never had the voice for Brünnhilde.

    Don't let Ian Storey near Tristan again.

    Please. Someone just pwn Salvatore Licitra and never let him sing in Ballo, or ANY heroic role. The best he is capable of would be Monostatos.

    Someone just shot Villazon in the outer space. Let's hope he meets Azathoth.

    Same for Netrebko.

    Just forbid ALL Heldentenors to ever go near Britten, except Christian Franz cos he's that badass. *hugs Britten and hugs Franz*

    Exchange Ferenc Valter to WALTER FINK. There's a BIG difference between a V and a W!

    If there will ever be Discworld themed operas, I make some candidates for the voice of DEATH:

    Matti Salminen
    Andrea Silvestrelli
    Just about any Russian oktavist from orthodox Slavic choirs
    Sir John Tomlinson

  • I would remake STAR WARS, THE ENTIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI so that Miley Cyrus could perform as Princess Lea, Christina Aguilera as her long lost sister Princess Rebecca and Britney Spears could play her long lost sister Princess Rachel.  I would lose the John Williams soundtrack and replace it with music from Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.  Oh yes, STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI isn't complete without a significant cameo appearance from Hayley Duff, Hayley Westenra, Hayley Williams (from the rock band Paramore), Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Mary Kate Olson and Ashley Olsen.   Plus, I would lose all the spaceships and replace it with riding bicycles alongside a beach in modern day Hawaii. 
    Oh yes, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo would've been dropped from the story.  I never understood why Luke Skywalker and Han Solo needed to be there in the first place.  Let's hire Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood instead.  After that, STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI would've been perfect.  Oh yes, Natalie Portman, who played Padme, doesn't die at the end of REVENGE OF THE SITH.  Padme was alive and well the entire time.  When Natalie Portman as Padme returns in STAR WARS (A NEW HOPE?  I think that's the title), she's stronger and better---No longer needing Darth Vader or Palpatine anymore.  In fact, Padme knows kung fu and becomes experienced in handling the light saber.  What STAR WARS really needed was to have Natalie Portman in all six installments. 
  • Jennifer Aniston in The Switch, with anyone really
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