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Writer's Block

My Secret Talent

What's your secret talent?

Answers (22)

  • Wouldn't be a secret if we told everyone here, now would it? Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • My secret talent? Becoming someone else entirely.
  • well. if i told you. i would have to kill you.
  •  I can blow smoke rings... and wiggle my ears.. simultaneously...Yeah :)
  • I won the middle school Spelling Bee on "baccalaureate", but lost the regional on "caldron", which doesn't have a u.
  •   When I am having trouble finding fresh words for my book, I turn to other subjects and write about them, or develop some prose for my own satisfaction.  Even if it is nonsense, it is nonsense in motion.  Movement pushes back stagnation, and it helps keep any feelings of desperation and/or despair at arm's length.
  •  Getting to the bottom of things (finding the underlying cause, rooting out the truth, etc)!
  • If I told you, I'd have to kill you... Seriously I don't think I have any "secret" talents. Everything I can do well, people know about.
  • ::: My secret talen?::: Ha!  I'm like super obber good at drawing with my eyes shut!  Ha! No really!  Have you ever played Cranium Wow.  Yea baby! I'm the Sensosketch QUEEN! Bwuwuwuwuwhahahahahah!
  • Pissing people off - no wait, that's not secret. Erm, my secret talent is lying. Shhhh don't tell anyone, but I can lie so convincingly that even I wonder if I'm not actually telling the truth sometimes. Don't worry though I don't use my power for evil. Just to protect myself.
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