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Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

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  • у меня такой перед глазами пережил рассвет и закат и так несколько раз, притом когда они расставались тяжело было всем он и не хотели вместе проводить ни секунды и потому начиналось пенание других скажи ей скажи ему, и я в настоящее время тоже испытываю некое влечеие но переступть через себя не могу не хочу никому причинять боли поэтому у меня только платоническое увлечение. Но есть и других много примеров статистика говорит 80% пар которые встретились на работе живут вместе дольше чем другие пары.

  •  No. I go to an all girls school and that's not an option. I wouldn't rule it out however. If it got serious or ended badly I could forsee problems however.
  • Both of my exes and my husband (three years and counting!) are guys I know from high school...one out of three ain't bad? *shrugs* (And there was a girl I'd have gone out with but we were never single at the same time, alas. :P)

  • I have gotten involved with a work colleague once before, and from the experience I had, I don't think it's something I will be doing again anytime soon.
    I got chatting to a guy named Paul where I work about two years ago, and despite never having had a boyfriend, I knew that I really liked this guy, and he seemed to like me too. He made the shifts at work more enjoyable than usual and we were always making plans to meet up outside of work hours.
    It was during one of these meet ups that I found out about his girlfriend, who's name I forget, and although I should've severed ties with him then, I didn't. Instead we met up for drinks (I even joined him and his girlfriend for one once )chatted a bit and yes, we shared a few kisses, not that anyone who became aware of that fact approved. I was told that Paul and his girlfriend were having issues, not that I think that made what we were doing acceptable.
    Paul was a year or so older than me and was certainly more experienced relationship wise and so I was slightly relieved when Paul came to me one day and said he'd sorted things out with his girl and that they were all good again. Within a few weeks, he left where I worked and got another job.
    In the time that has passed I've seen him all but twice and have yet to be interested in another guy. I know that one day I will find a guy I like, but I'm in no rush, and when I do, I'm going to make sure I do the whole thing right. No lies, no cheating, just a good, honest time with someone I care about.

  • Never again!

  • Никогда не заводила служебных романов. Устроилась на новую работу и на те тебе служебный роман. Итог: любимый ушел из семьи, теперь живём вместе и счастливы. А работается вместе прекрасно.

  • О,да. Было дело. Есле дело происходит в институте,это еще куда не шло. Но вот столкнувшись с этим на работе это жестко. Работа почему то не работается. И как не пытаешься отогнать от себя такие мысли,каждый день возвращаешься к тому от чего убегаешь. Короче говоря, в такой обстановке работать просто не возможно.  Товарищи..........не допускайте моих ошибок,увлекайтесь теми,кто к вашему рабочему месту не имеет никакого даже малейшего отношения. И жизнь, а самое главное работа будут ПРЕКРАСНЫ.

  • No because somehow, people in your environment, whether it's school or work, always find their nose in your business and didn't include them in any details that happened in the relationship. Yeah, there were plenty of young women that I would've dated at school; hell, some of them are friends, but I didn't want to go down that road for personal reasons and glad I didn't do so.

  • I fucked my boss at my last job. She was Polish and had curly red hair.

    Well this one time, i got with this really cute guy who was in a few of my classes.

    and he hella became my BF :O

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