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$10,000 and Some Change

How would you change the world with $10,000?

Answers (136)

  • Donate to Microfinance Investment projects.

  • I would donate that $10,000 to my former high school, Regina High School
    Its a private, catholic all girls school
    They could use that money to prepare more young women to change the world, through education, faith and community service

  • 10K ain't enough to change the world, but it could do wonders for, say a charity or shelter. Which is definitely what I'd use it for.

  • I wouldn't. I would use most of it to pay off my family's debt and donate the rest to charity, but I doubt it would really do anything for the world in general. I mean, you can only do so much before you can't do any more. So why bring the horse to water and force it to drink when it'll only cause hate and turmoil when you do??

  • What would I do with $10,000 to change the world? 

    I don't know that I could change the world, but I could change the world of many children.  I would take about $5,000 and put it down on a lease to own 4-5 bedroom home in my area.  I would use the remaining to furnish the house with bunkbeds, dressers, computer desks and desktop computers, as well as other furniture children of all ages may need.

    I would then complete my foster parenting licenses and apply for a group home for sibling groups or children who have become a family within the foster care system that have no hope of returning home or being adopted into a new home.

    There are so many children, both older or whom have siblings, that are waiting for a "forever family", and while I may not be able to adopt every child, I can at least give them an unofficial "forever family".

  • With that money i couldn't do half of the things I want to do for my  world /community  but I can invest them and make more so that i could give shelter and food to the homeless ,Also give some money to shelters and help an adult or a kid  figth illness.

  • If I had ten thousand dollars, I would use that money to create recycling programs to make the world a healthier place.  I would also use that money to help plant more forests in areas where wildfires and storms have damage animal habitats.  The one thing I'd use that money for, though, is to create programs that would help people with disabilities get good jobs and education, as well as the healthcare they need to stay well.

  • By Changing the life of one person, if i could give hope and bring life and will back into that person, Show him or her how humanity isn't totally lost, it could inspire them to be better. I'd partially give the money to a homeless kid. I'd show them what real parents are like and show them to lead a better life then the one that he or she had.
  • if the money was truly meant for me to change the world and not for some other purpose, i would take the money and invest it in a nonprofit startup. that way, i would be able to turn it into a lot more than $10,000 and that way it would help many people. once the nonprofit was up and running, i would use it to help people with becoming more employment marketable. this is an area that is very lacking in today's world.
  • Every cent would go to Kiva.org!!! Reading a few of the responses for this question I am seeing a lot of this: "10k is not enough", "well I could use that myself", "I would donate it all". That last one is good but still I want to yell at these people, there is a great option out there that can continuously change the world over and over with just 10k!! Kiva.org is not a charity, it is a place to invest in changing the world. You give people in poorer countries money to start up a business or something and they have to pay you back. Not right away of course, but as they earn and grow. See? Your helping the world by giving out that 10k and then getting it back to give out again... and again, and again, and again.... you get the idea. :P There are great options out there! Do a bit of research and really help out rather than just "throwing money at it"!!!
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