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The Perfect Party

Describe your idea of a perfect party.

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  • My perfect party would be with my family, boyfriend, and friends.  It would in a big room with black and red colors.  Every other table would be black and the other would be red.  There would be red rose center pieces on the tables.  For the party there would be a famous band that everyone knows and likes.  The room would be all black and red even the decorations.  Everyone would have to wear something black or red.  When everyone arrives to the party there will be a red carpet going from the steps and into the party.  No one would be able to come without an invitation.

  • my perfect party...

    well, everyone would come at their own time, even though im impatent as fuck, so you never know when someone is coming.
    it would be at a big venue. Local Djs mixing their music. 
    People can dress however they want to dress. They can do whatever they want. If they want to drink 
    and get fucked up then by all means drink. If you want to trip/roll/whatever then by all means go ahead 
    Blacklights and Lasers everywhere. Pretty much like one big rave.
    everyone is invited, everyone can bring whoever, and everyone can leave when they please.
    OH and if someone is too fucked up to get home...cabs with be provided free of charge. The only thing you would have to do is
    respect people and you will recieve respect in return. Anything that is rude to guest or anything like that they will be immediatly thrown out and not allowed back in.

    my perfect party..........sadly it isnt achieveable.
  • K, in desperation of something to write about tonight, I'm using this feature of LiveJournal to give me a topic. This one sounds interesting, The Perfect Party. I'm more partial to intimate little get-togethers but this topic lends to exaggeration so I'm going to do two versions, small and large.


    - I feel like doing it bulleted list style.
    - It's gotta be in a convention hall.
    - Like a comic/anime convention except a party, with hot girls cosplaying in skimpy outfits wandering all over with drinks and such
    - Some of the cosplayers are pole dancing
    - Journey, Queen, Supertramp, Three Doors Down, Matchbox 20, Eagles, Siam Shade, etc take turns playing live songs. Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry are alive/not douches, respectively
    - There's a large puppet of Jabba the Hutt somewhere, lifelike (no jokes, you bitches)
    - Wooden barrels full of ice and cans of pop and energy drinks, etc. are everywhere
    - Projector screened Wii play is going on, and other consoles too
    - It goes on for three days straight, hardly any naps
    - People come and go from my past and present, hanging out and saying hello, etc
        - Friends from middle school
        - Cool people I used to work with
        - the Cool teachers (Mr. Weiss, fuck yeah, he's there doing a laser light show and shit)
        - People I highly respect in film/writing ... Stephen King, Kevin Smith, Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, George Carlin, Sam Kinison (back with Mercury) etc.
        - Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz
        - Everyone I know
    - A huge ball pit
    - A huge inflated room place, balls optional
    - A pool
    - Snacks are available
    - Over the Top plays on a big screen TV somewhere, followed by Back to the Future, The Santa Clause, The Mask, Star Wars (all of it) Brain Candy,  Beetlejuice, The Secret of My Success, then Ghosbusters and Ghostbusters 2. After that, Arrested Development Seasons 1 - 3 are played on a loop in case the party goes on for more than 3 days (it will)
    - A guy is hired to come in and pretend to hold the place hostage with lots of guns and shit but after ten minutes I reveal it's just a joke
    - Yeah, just a lot of stuff like that


    - A nice, cozy living room area
    - A couple very comfortable couches, recliners
    - A crackling fire in the fire place
    - Only like four or five, or six people at the most
    - Movies are watched, good ones
    - A board game or two is played, cards even
    - Things kinda simmer down and we all discuss some interesting things, anecdotes are told, etc.
    - We just get pizza or something
    - It's like The Breakfast Club in some ways
    - Maybe we're all 15 and we have to keep it down cause the one kids parents are sleeping upstairs
    - Everyone is enjoying themselves
    - The night seems to last forever
    - Tomorrow is a million miles away

    Which one do you think is better?
  • Well my perfect party would be sitting around watching Torchwood or Doctor Who with a group of friends and a hefty amount of veggie burgers and fries(chips to most of the people that would like this party).

    Describe your idea of a perfect party.


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  • Ah, parties. My idea of a perfect party would be something like what my going away party was. Lots of people coming in sort of "shifts", where one group comes, stays for a while, then leaves, until you end up with a sort of circle going on. Multiple rooms, one where you can dance to a mix I've put together myself, another where you can play party games on the Wii, yet another where you can talk and nosh comfortably. Choice of a couple mixed alcoholic drinks and lots of non-alcoholic ones too. Lots of fruit to eat, cheese cubes, and sandwich fixins' for those that are more hungry. Huge stack of party games for the Wii and the maximum amount of controllers. Dancing to 80s pop, techno, and rock, and occasionally a silly Aquabats song too. Overstuffed armchairs and smooshy floor cushions for the noshing room, with mid-to-low lighting and quiet music. (Jazz, classical, electronic, etc.) And it going on for as long as people want to hang out. Everyone there would be people I know from SC and the friends I'll make here.
  • I even write on profiles that I'm "not a party person", but I imagine there could be exceptions. I'm just not a wild crazy promiscuous drunken party type girl. So ... The Perfect Party? I would have to have a variety of things to please myself and others, and we would do things we wouldn't usually do (no TV or browsing the internet.. that'd be too much like normal times). I did kinda blank out on the "activities" part (which is most important).. hopefully people would like the two things listed? 1. Food / drink: soda (Coke/Pepsi, cream soda, root beer, orange soda.. weird flavors like Jones Soda would put out, to try something different) or juice (esp. Juicy Juice!)- no booze, tons of appetizers to snack on - quiches, quesadillas, a variety of sausage and cheese (especially unusual types like you find in a Christmas package), chips and dip, shrimp and cocktail sauce (with maybe little dishes of sauce for everyone, to prevent double dipping), antipasta, cannolis, BBQed sausage, pizza for Ed (pepperoni and cheese to please everyone.. garbage pie or something to please me and other non-standard pizza eaters), garlic knots, cheese sticks, deviled eggs, DEEP FRIED MACARONI PUFFS, nuts, fresh fruit (esp. strawberries and honeydew mellon), fried chicken, Chinese food, a variety of cheese cakes, and since people love ice cream.. my 3 favorite flavors (peanut butter cup, caramel, cookies and cream), then chocolate and vanilla 2. Music: my random mix of Hard Rock / Metal (inc. goth, industrial, maybe ambient) songs.. some 90's Alternative stuff to please Ed.. other music that hopefully doesn't suck to please other people who would come (we'd have to know the guest and make a playlist or something before-hand) 3. Dress "code" / theme: an added extra to create more excitement to see people (the "What's that bastard wearing for Halloween?" effect).. you can't always count on people to dress interestingly on their own.. possible themes could include costumes (like on Halloween), shirts with text - but no logos (simple and self-expressive), 70s and/or 80s, or people wear a wig 4. Activities: board games that ask the players for input (ie- be creative, express yourself.. unlike Monopoly or whatever), multi-player videogames (fighting, driving, those Mario board game type videogames, etc.) 5. Who's invited: of course me, Ed, my dad, Kerri, Christina, maybe people Ed and I work with that we don't feel as awkward around.. not a ton of strangers.. maybe if guests want to bring someone, we could let each guest bring 1 person or so..
  • the perfect party..lol hmmm havnt been to one in a long time.  but i guess it would be just being with my freinds and having a good time.. geee that sounds like alot of fun lol
  • Kinda late for me to answer, but whatever.

    Good food/snacks/drinks.
    No smoking or alcohol, thanks
    Awesome music (Varekai, Alegria, and 'O')
    Everyone would watch Varekai and Alegria, and then we would all go to Las Vegas and see 'O'

    Guest List:

    Francesca G.
    Eve M.
    Mathieu L.
    Josh G.
    Francine P.
    Olga P.
    Anton C.
    Irina N.

    Wouldn't that be the ultimate?

  • A perfect party is one with all your friends and a lot of people you have never met. Plus one or two hott strangers. Great music, dim lights, and everyone is dancing. No strobe lights, no fights, no stress, no planning, and no birthday presents. That would be a great party. I haven't yet been to a party where there was no lame theme and no stress. I also haven't ever been to a party where they didn't play at least one Britney Spears song. Ironic, right? Okay, not really. I want to hear someone play a Blake Lewis song. His CD is really great by the way. you have to skip the intro song, that one is sort of boring. I'll remember that for my new years party. Everyone's invited [: Bring nothing... Except clothes, we have to keep it at least pg-13.
    That was completely useless but now I know what song I'm playing first.
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