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Take a (second) chance on me

Have you ever given a friend or partner a second chance? What were the consequences? Any regrets?

Answers (659)

  • давал и второй, и третий, и сто пятьдесят третий... бесполезно)))
  • отдайте мое ...суки провокаторы
  • Ага... И никогда второй шанс не был лучше, чем первый. Но чтобы быть точно уверенным - надо рисковать-))
  • .. как правило -нехуй давать второй шанс свои друзьям. они принимают это за слабость. из личного опыта.

  • Let's just say there were multiple "second chances". Now I look back I realise exactly how much of a jerk this guy was/is. We dated for almost a year and a half. He was dramatic and depressed, he told me he had feelings for three different people while dating me, and two of them were twins (at the same time!), and the list goes on and on but if I did that I would be sitting here all day.

    The consequence of giving him a second chance whenever something happened was he milked it, every single time something happened. He knew I didn't want to lose him b/c my friends were in the process of screwing up my life, so how could I lose the one thing which was staying constant?

    I completely regret ever looking twice at this dip-shit.
  • Hmmmm, might I have? Might I have had consequences from doing so? Might I have regrets? Nah, I just keep making these entries about PsychWard and all the court appearances I've had to make to keep him locked up/send him back to jail to exercise my fingers! The black eye, bruised throat, knife to my throat, and other various bruises and cuts were all just good fun, right? Die Mike Tune, DIE!!!!!

  • Always.

    Most of the time I got a friend out of it.

    Sometimes people just make the wrong choice. We're only human.
  • Конечно! Я люблю наступать на грабли, это так освежает!) Счетчик посещений Counter.CO.KZ - бесплатный счетчик на любой вкус!

  • Honestly, I give my best friend, Kelly second chances all the time. She is going through a hard time right now, I know that's not an excuse. But I look at it as I'm not weak, I'm strong enough to know that people make mistakes.
  • Yes, I can say that I have taken a 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes a 4th change on people. As I speak right now my girlfriend and I have been through hell and back with our off and off relationship of 2 years.   It seems that  you could find someone better then her but, in the end after all the searching in the world you two meet up again for which was for what.......a "2nd chance". At what....love? friendship? What I think pulls people back together is, it isn't the fact you done each other wrong. Its the face that you have things in common that you can't in any other people and them common grounds pull you two closer together much more then the last time around.   Plus I really deep down think God has a hand in when it comes for two people to keep in touch and faith as have it come together once again and have a more strong build want, understanding, and love for each other. John 9-7-2010
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