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Walkin' the line

Do you prefer being the good cop or the bad cop?

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  • Законослушным.
  • Good cop. I suck at saying "no" to people, especially when they're rude and in my face. When I got those type of customers at Dillard's, I'd send them to the service desk or call Marcia, my supervisor, who is so good at playing the bad cop that she did it with her employees too. (And then she wondered why the turnover rate in her department was so high. Um, maybe because if you kick a puppy too many times it'll run away?)

  • I'd prefer being the bad one. That way, you don't have to care what anyone thinks about you, and you can say what  you like, and what you ~need to, to get the job done.

  • I wanna play bad cop :P

  • The good cop. But sometimes they need the tough love to make sure they're doing what that need to be doing

  • Абстрактным предпочитаю быть..Отхуячил почки,а потом:"Конфетку хочешь?Пивка холодненького?"))))

  • I am reluctantly the bad cop when I really need to be. But I am a mother who would love to sit down and eat cookies with her children whenever they ask for them, and buy them a toy whenever they ask and smother them in hugs at any given moment. I hate to hear them cry. Children do not stay children forever. I struggle with the responsibility of helping to guide them to be wonderful human beings with rules and structure and the desire to spoil them while they are still small enough to tickle and giggle with.

    I guess as a parent you really have to strike a balance between being the good and bad cop. After all I wasn't put on this earth to be my child's best friend. I was put there to teach them about what a wonderful world we live in and show them that they can make a huge difference if they put enough effort in. The rest is up to them.

  • I prefer a good cop, they can help the most when u get into deep shit!

  • how about in between. i can be bad for good reasons. 
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