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Bye bye life!

If you could choose the manner in which you would ultimately die, would you? How would you want to depart this world?

Answers (666)

  • "When the time comes for the kiss-off I hope I'm asleep"

  • Красиво! Чтоб прям АХ! И чтобы все этот ах видели ))) Ну или спасая чьи-то жизни.  Ну вопщем да, слаба я к публике в вопросах смерти.

  • Несмотря на свой довольно юный возраст, я уже не раз думала над этим вопросом..
    Для меня главное - чтобы это произошло без боли!!
    Быстро и мгновенно.
    А лучше всего было бы покинуть этот мир во сне: просто лечь спать и не проснуться утром.

  • I would want to leave this world by saving someone's life, taking a bullet for someone would be an honourable thing to do. I would also donate all my organs to those who need them most as i wouldn't need them anymore would i?


    In my soulmate's arms, preferably peacefully.

  • I guess I'd want to go peacefully in my sleep. Of course the chances of that happening are pretty slim and people are always saying "I want to die in my sleep, but it'll never happen" but nobody ever realises that you can. You see there are these little things called sleeping pills. They usually do the job see?

    But anyway, I'd rather not know that I was dying and just go quickly and painlessly if thats ok with the guy with the Scythe (or whatever that stick thing is he carries around!).
    I wouldn't mind if someone spiked my food or drink with seeping pills. That pretty much fits my requests. So yeah, I want someone to spike my food with sleeping pills and drop off that way.

    Did you know that the chances of dying while having sex is like 1 in a million or something?? I don't think I'd like to go that way though.... think of the embarrassment!! Someone most likely would write some stupid thing on my gravestone too, like "Died an awesome death. We caught it on tape too, who knew she liked *****!"
    Yeahh.... you figure out what those stars mean!

  • penultimately i'd like to die while im still young by being turned into something imortal like a vampire but no having to hide from the daylight
    in reality i guess as long as i've lived a good happy life and i'm satisfied with what i have i dont mind when as long as it's peaceful or sudden and painless
    i wouldn't mind if it was somewhat funny either it'd be nice to make people laugh even in death tho tbh no ones gonna laugh as its a death

  • Если бы я мог выбирать, то бы предпочел дожить до вторго пришествия Христа, когда он "заберет" верующих в Него на небеса, а стало быть это не переход от жизни к смерти, а - от жизни временной в теле к жизни вечной в духе.
  • It might be a bit more convenient to be able to decide the manner of your death. If it were up to me, I'd probably die valiantly in battle, using my last breath to decline the offer of immortality. Of course, with my luck, I'll probably live until I'm three hundred just by sheer force of will. --- Integra

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