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Why isn't marijuana legal when tobacco is?

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  • The only reason I'd like to legalize it is to tax the hell out of it. There's millions of dollars being slipped under the table. I have been theorizing that the reason why we got out of the Great Depression was because of the legalization of alcohol. Once we were actually able to tax this illegal substance, the government surged back from its slump. That and the import of tons of confiscated artifacts from Nazi Germany, including gold and other treasures that belonged to Jewish people (I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that's probably how America recovered from the Depression). Since America didn't get anything out of Iraq but high gas prices, and the wars in Vietnam and Korea only ended with heavy losses, taxation seems like a good idea. All the big companies outsource to avoid paying hefty American sales taxes, but these "cottage industries" wouldn't have enough opportunities to do that, so they could possibly be taxed out of existence.

  • а то вы не знаете.
    если её легализовать, то как на ней заработать? она же сорняк
    и потом, трава способствует выпадению  курителя из социума. он становится неуправляемым, а кому это надо

  • пока она запрещена - на ней зарабатывать можно. если разрешат - многие барыги денег лишатся

  • невозможно монополизировать оборот . Гос-во любит рабоф и денешку

  • потому что всему есть предел - даже беспределу.

  • It's all politics, baby.
    What's funny is
    just like the alcohol prohibition
    marijuana is making more money now
    than it would if it were legal.
    Har har har har.
  • "Если марихуана будет легализована, то всем расхочется (или захочется) курить марихуану" - это полный бред! На спрос никогда не влияет официальное "можно" или "нельзя". Человек, который принимает наркотики - вообще об легализации не задумывается. Лично мне, неважно, будет ли марихуана легализованна или нет ибо я ее не употребляла и не собираюсь. Наркотические вещества - это не для меня. Я предпочитаю другие методы расслабления и вам советую. Учитесь, путешествуйте, ищите приключения, новые ощущения, дарите любовь и будьте любимы.

  • 1) Because it has mind-altering properties
    2) Because tobacco and cotton companies are suppressing it
    3) Bureaucracy
  • As I'm sure most other people will say, it boils down to money. It's difficult to tax the sale of something that anyone can grow on their own, and it's relatively easy to grow it nearly anywhere. I don't use it anymore, but I still think it should be legal. If you look at all the statistics and studies - look it up dammit, I've done it myself many times - it's far less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. For instance, if you drink too much alcohol...you die. Alcohol poisoning happens quite a bit. To ingest a lethal level of THC would require you to smoke literally pounds of pot in a single sitting. A chunk of decently potent weed the size of a nickel is more than enough to get you toasty stoned. There's a lot more I could say on the subject, but instead, I'll just let Bill here explain it better than I ever could:
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