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Let the Music Play

How can the right music make a party better? What music do you usually put on to get the party started?

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  • The right music can make a party outstanding!!! *throws hands up in the air like a weirdo* That was nerdy,lstm... I usually use some reggaeton or pop music to liven up my parties. Nothing's better than a booty-shaker!!!

  • if you have the right music then you have an amazing party. if you're playing some old fart crap music then everyone is going to sit on their butts and be bored. buttttttt if you play upbeat amazing music then people will become happier and more likely to dance and jump around and be more talkative. normally i would put all time low on to get the party started. unless kenny's at this party... then i would put on every time we touch by cascada. thennn it's a party ;)
  • You need music that will make people want to dance and want to jump and have fun. If you get drabby annyoing slow music at a party then no one will have fun.
  • To be honest I'm over the whole party scene and throwing parties. I prefer small get togethers rather at my house, one my friends house or at some resturant or place. I suppose that music can make a party better. Say for instance if the partying is taking a turn for the worse... ppl are leaving cuz they are bored or whatnot. You put on the right track and it could lift ppls moods and make ppl feel like dancing etc. I usally dont put on music during parties though. But if I did I suppose I be putting on stuff that I like and think others would as well. Something not too sleepy and def. not anything classical or screamo or techno or stuff like that. I probably be playing music from the 80s, 90s and last 10 yrs. Some stuff from unsigned bands, indie label bands and major label bands. Stuff that is more uptempo. And that would fall in the rock, grunge, alternative and pop music genres. From bands & singers like Fools For Rowan, Cutting Jade, Seether, Shinedown to just name a few.

  • You need music to dance to, something with a good beat. As long as you've got that and strobelights, you're good!! x3

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    I think it would be really great to start a party with this song…

    “Wherever We Go (That’s Where The Party’s At)” by Newsboys

    Wherever we go, the dumb get wise
    And the crime rates drop and the markets rise
    It's a curious thing
    But it's just our thing

    Bullies make nice, crooks repent
    And the Ozone layer shows improvement
    It's a curious thing
    And it's humbling… Wherever we go, that's where the party's at

    We are called to bring the kingdom of heaven right into the world around us. When you do that, the world changes because... 

    Wherever He is, That’s where the party’s at.

  • I don't own the right music to get a party started.  Very few parties start w/ 1776 or my mellow indie music.  The party that my music started would involve napping.

    That being said... nap party??
  • well i find this or this helps get the blood flowing. if you know what i mean
  • Music for a social gathering can either make or break party. The proper music really depends on the type of party. If it's just you and a few close friends, the music should add soothing back drop to the scene and not detract from the activities. You don't want it to get too busy or too loud as to promote conversation among you and your friends. For larger parties the same music can still work, but adding in some higher energy beats won't detract from the event, and might even induce the will to dance in some of your more drunken compatriots. The exact genre of music all really depends on the tastes of your social circle. What do I usually put on? My parties are usually small, and consist of Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Nirvana and Some Chili Peppers a smidgen of Drum n' bass a little bit of indie, ect, ect. For larger parties, I usually add in some picks out several things from the SephirothTrance Volumes.
  • Great music adds to the energy of the party and makes the guests happy--so I usually spin classic 80's and 90's tunes.
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