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When was the first time that you stood up for yourself? Were your actions justifiable? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

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  • I had "friends" who were literally making my life hell and a boyfriend who was assisting them. I told him to never contact me again (he actually listened) and the "friends" I just ignored for a few months, then when they still didn't get the message I wasn't taking their crap and they did something horrible I told the police and let them handle it. I haven't been bothered since, I've made friends who I trust way more than I ever trusted them. So standing up for myself (and not letting myself be the victim) has led to me being so much better off in life, while each and every one of them are still as pathetic as they ever were.

  • Помню рыжего хулигана из нашего класса - он что-то хотел найти у меня под юбкой. Жизнь его стала светлее на один "фонарь". Жалею, оглядываясь, что учебником по маковке дополнительно не треснула.
  • A long time ago. Yes, they were justified. If I had to do it again I'd care less about whether there would be trouble afterwords. There wasn't. Bastard had it coming anyway.

  • That's a tricky one. I don't think I ever properly stood up for myself. I can't remember the first time, that's for sure. I was bullied badly, but I ignored them and went on with my day. I never stood up to them, there was no use. I would only get hurt more. I think I never stood up for myself.

  •   Я думаю само состояние, когда ты осознаешь, что ты "один-на один" со своей проблемой...и вот сейчас ты ее решаешь, это уже путевка в жизнь...не помню были ли оправданы действия, рассматривая как изменения в жизни, но в себе, научиться переступать страх, стоять за себя -это уже 100% оправдание.

  • there are many times i stood up for myself but standing up to my bestfriend leigh was the hardest bc she did exactly what i thought she would do. i told her the truth she just pushed me away like i was old garbage but you know sometimes the truth hurts! at the time HELL YEA my actions were justifiable but as the months passed i realized that i shouldn't have done what i did and i guess not having her as a bestfriend even though i appologized is what i get. Ummm...... right now yes i would have i would have done it in person instead on facebook and myspace but you know the past is the past and the present is the present and the future is the future you can't change any of it GOD's the one that can change you present and future!!!!

  • Okay, so I went back a few days cus I'm way bored.
    I don't remember the first time I stood up for myself,
    but  I do remember in June,when my 11 year old brother was being a brat
    getting everything he wanted and everything was going his way.
    My cousin was over, and he didn't like that Sara and I were hanging out.
    So, he started throwing fits, stalking us, reading our text messages,
    and crying when he thought we were talking about him.
    So I was just sitting there and Sara said, "Dude, stand up for yourself
    and tell your parents, how much of a brat Lucas is, and everything he does,
    or you'll keep getting in trouble for the lies he's telling your parents"
    So, one night Lucas stalked, read, everything I said up there, while
    we me and Sara were watching a movie.
    And when he thought we were talking about him, he started freaking out.
    So I said some stuff like, " Lucas,you can't keep crying to get what you want.
    Not everything is about you and when you get into highschool you will
    see that it's NOT all about you. And if you do think like that then you will
    be spending your lunches in a trash can, or getting beat up. So STOP crying
    around me and Sara because we know your little plan and see right past it,
    and your NOT going to get your way with us."
    That didn't help me much, when he told on me to my parents.
    But I stood up for myself there, and Sara agree's with me 100%.
    A few days ago I was at my aunts house and she said that her and my
    other aunt AND my grandma all think Lucas is going to get beat up in high school.
    hah, my parents still take my brothers side, and I still get in trouble for his actions,
    but I feal really good about that night and I hope that little stinker learned something
    from my rant.

  • Probably 12. I would do it differently though. Because now I know that it changed nothing , I would just ignore.. We do find peace in silence...

  • I finally stood up for myself (after 40 years) against my father in December 2008. He abused me psychologically, emotionally, physically, sexually, for almost all my life. I finally had the strength to stand up at that time while he was trying to browbeat me into giving him money. He slapped me thinking to put me back into my place, my shell as a child, but I came out stronger than ever. It was a defining moment in my life. It's been the starting point for taking back my life, my hopes, my dreams, my everything.

  • Надавал бы БОЛЬШЕ!!!
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