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Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

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  • Not in the least. It says about our culture that our priorities are out of whack.

  • no, i hate the celebrity status they receive. they are paid billions of dollars for 2 hours of movie time or a song that was rated highly. and once in a blue moon they will help a charity of their choice and their a hero, instead of the carer who works an 80 hour week without any recognition. help the unknown thats what i say! 

  • I think that they shouldn't and that they should. Celeberties shouldn't get the attention because we are all the same people whether it is sitting at home reading a book or sitting on set with a big shot director. They should get the attention because without them we wouldn't really have much entertainment with movies or in magazines about scandals or other things.

  • In regard to the question, I'd say that it really depends on the celebrities. I do believe that time, money and attention are wasted on those who don't do anything with it. I feel as though there are celebrities out there who need to have more of it because of what they stand for and how they help us as a society to grow and become better. There are so many of them trying to better our cultural values and in movies and television shows and even in lyrics of songs, different cultural values are being depicted like never before. More and more people in the world who have always been in the dark or invisible to society are being brought out on the big screen and on television in truth. That seems pretty wonderful to me. I like the celebrities who stand for something, who are trying to change the way the world views different issues. They are extremely powerful people and they hold such strong influences over how society thinks and acts. They can make a difference. So when it comes to the right celebrities, I think they deserve as much attention, recognition, and even money that we, as a society can provide because they will be able to change the world and bring forth a much better future.

  • Наверное, да!  Хотя, не знаю, вкладываю ли я деньги в кого - либо из них.

  • This is the reason why I love Micheal K.

  • Celebrities are ultimately people who have gained recognition for either a talent or a personality which attracts  the attention of modern day society. Generally speaking, I think the influence of the 'Celebrity world' and 'Hollywood' has lead to extreme effects, especially amongst youths, as most magazines are full of tabloids and attention seeking articles which speak little truth. Not only this, but the images of celebrities is usually quite false due to the constant need for perfection and 'beauty' which means that people automatically assume looking good is the answer to everything. For some, this is now a lifestyle.

    The consequences of having such a stereotypical image of 'beautiful' means that many people are desperate to achieve the status of being a celebrity through their everyday decisions such as shopping, where they might hope to buy clothing within the current fashion style simply because they saw a model or actress wearing it in a magazine. To some extent, this is quite unhealthy because it makes modern societies, particularly the youths of a society, prone to insecurities which are dealt with solutions such as plastic surgery addictions, low self esteem and depression and currently, eating disorders.

    Some celebrities who earn their statuses are very humble, and have traditional roots which means they make an honest living by working hard to achieve their reputation and more importantly, their wages. They are in some circumstances exploited by the media which can lead to a negative interpretation by society, yet for the most part, some can keep grounded and consistent in their approach to life. However I feel like some occupations such as footballers are bordering on ridiculous with their salaries and their attitudes to their jobs. The game itself requires a player being in good shape and focussed on winning, however, given the recent performances by some teams, including England in the World Cup I think it's fair to conclude that some simply couldn't appreciate the opportunity they had been given and what it was they had been sent to do.

  • Yes. I don't think they should be hounded by rude paperatzi but I do think they earn their money. They entertain us and do a good job at it. I personaly have no problem paying money for movies thus paying them. They have a job, to entertain s both in movies and their lives (Though I don't follow the gossip crap) They deserve the money and the fame. It's what they do.

    Our cultural values? Bah. They aren't of our culture. They are what we aspire to be but never become because we realize we don't want it or cant get it. It doesn't say anything about us. It's all fiction.
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