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Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

Answers (635)

  • I boycott YouTube because they allow very homophobical vids to exist, along with racist and insane religious ones. Despite of their policy of not allowing such content (blah blah bla) they allow it. I reported links to vids which clearly urged GLBT people to be killed. And nothing happened. As I learnt from a buddy even vids with real murders exist there. I don't remember if they were from some war in the East. But try to post something erotic.... No matter gay or het. You'll be eaten alive! Comments are not censored too. I've read so much hateful lines against gay, black people and atheist that the poison is enough to kill the Universe. Why they allow that? They are the most famous vid sharing site. This must be unacceptable! My supposition is only one (and very true probably). The Google greeds just wanna make more money. Any censoring will dicrease their incoms. Even if it is in the name of the human rights. The right to gain money is number one for them.
  • да, от любого фастфуда.
  • Yep. I have actually boycotted several products/things in my lifetime. To this day I will never drink Starbucks, eat at Cousins, or use Suave products. Starbucks: I boycotted them because they added gluten to their coffee syrups. Cousins: I added cheese to a sub once, then they added the wrong cheese, and then refused to re-make my sandwich. So I won't go back there because of shitty customer service. Suave: They test on animals.
  • The only company I ever boycotted was NDK due to the way they treated ne my husband and I the last time we were there.
  • Yes. Presently: Dynamite the clothing store. The service is just plain shitty. No reason for me to go in there and expect the same treatment!! Cheap too. Always somewhere else to go. Walmart. Just all around bad. Bad rep. Bad service. Stupidity. Broken merchandise. My blood starts to boil when I get near the store. I prefer NOT to go inside. Always. The sanitation pad company. I heard that they tried to discourage poor families in Africa to not use cloth. Nestle. They encourage African poor mothers to use powdered milk over breast milk. If there are more, I can't think of them right now!!

  • Yes. A store at a local mall.

    I went in to purchase a purse. I was young and I guess the salesperson assumed I either didn't have the money to purchase anything or was just windowshopping with no intention to buy. The salesperson knew I was there first and made eye contact, but she helped a customer she knew came in after I did. (Sorta a Pretty Woman thing.) Then she did it again. She waited until the store was empty and there was no one else there. When she finally turned her attention to me I told her that I was interested in purchasing a purse. But that I was no longer interested in anything her store had to offer, would never return and would be sure to let my friends know to avoid it also.

    A few years later it was gone. I doubt my little boycott had anything to do with it going out of business and everything to do with the attitude and policies of the sales staff.
  • yes, I did protest the against the federal government for not protecting our borders and not deporting the illegal aliens. they suck

  • Последние годы общество серьёзно заговорило о том, что наша пища становится опасной для жизни человека.
    Продукция крупнейших мировых производителей  чипсов и сухариков богата слишком высоким уровнем канцерогенов, который может привести к возникновению раковых заболеваний у людей. О продукции фирмы "Сoca-cola"  можно вообще не упоминать, ведь и так всё понятно.
    Поэтому пришлось отказаться от подобных продуктов, конечно уберечь здоровье это вряд ли поможет, но всё же уменьшить риск заболеть  можно :)
  • Здравствуйте! Скажите, пожалуйста, а раскладной стол еще жив? С Уважением, Ира. 12.08.2010
  • Um. Yeah. I've been boycotting Wal-Mart for almost 10 years because they're harmful to local economies and the environment; also they donate a lot of money to Republicans and use threats and intimidation to keep people from unionizing. There was also a stink about forced overtime at one point but I think they stopped that. I don't know if 'boycott' is the right word but I'm ignoring PETA because they seem to think being awful to women is okay. American Apparel, same deal, although sometimes I end up with AA wear because other people buy it and rebrand it. I boycotted Amazon and all its frakking subsidiaries for a while because they were being stupid but it just got too oppressive (and my life is significantly less awesome without IMDb). I'm also not terribly happy with the HRC because of their transphobic policies but I still sign their petitions when they come by. I'm boycotting Method Cleaners because of some awful commercials. Also, I'd never bought any of their products, so I'm not missing much. I'd love to boycott Unilever but I can only afford to do so much. So I send them nasty emails every once in a while. And, in relation to the title of this post, I only eat at Mickey D's if there really is no other choice, but that's mostly because I can't stand their fries. (Their premium grilled chicken sandwich was surprisingly edible, though.)
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