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Ten minutes in heaven

If you could have 10 minutes alone with anyone in the world where you could do or say whatever you wanted without consequences, who would you choose and what would you do?

Answers (636)

  • probably either Gackt or Taylor swift

    gackt because i want to have a serious discussion on how he should take care of his health and other things
    and Taylor so she could help me write music 

  • я бы выбрал Пророка Мухаммада (с.а.в.) и не думаю что за эти 10 минут что я бы смог сказать ему хоть слово потому что я бы обнял его и плакал бы.....................

  • hmmm what should i say?? well, i have many people i would like to do them, not in the minutes but the whole day and night. My final choice is to do "M".....god, to feel her skin against my lips....to look into her blue eyes, to undress her and then show her how it feels to not be able to touch her all these years.
    Damn, i need a cold shower.

  • God, i would ask for forgiveness for today's behaviour but i would also want to ask face to face, why me? because my heart is hurting so much, self confidence has been shattered and i would want him to directly comfort me and give the reasons, this happened

  •      Ten mintues can be a long time yet short.Anywhere with anyone?My anywhere is the tallest building in NYC,on the roof,at night.I want to be there,eating a choclate chip cookie and looking at the stars.I want to be with Silver,a charector i use in all my stories i write.I would just say that i love her and have small talk about ramdom stuff.When the timmer hits nine muintes,i want to cubble with her.Though i am not a lesbian,she is practicly like my daughter that is older than i am.I love her with all my heart.I want to touch her silver-blond hair and ask her if she was in all there parts of my story.I want those ten minutes to be over with a hug...
    then i would be back in my smallish city and big dreams,once again dreaming for ten more minutes with her.

  • Я думаю, что этим любимым человеком для меня была бы мама... И я ей сказала бы все, что думаю, но не могу почему-то произнести: слова любви и благодарности, сказала бы о том, как я сильно по ней скучаю, рассказала бы, что не хочу, чтобы родители старели, сказала бы, что я не могу дождаться этой субботы... когда я их увижу.... Мамочка, как же я хочу сейчас тебя обнять....

  • I would choose one of Gods Angels. :-) i would ask him/her what it was like.

  • I would spend it with my future soulmate! We would be walking skipping jumping happily beside the waves on a very nice beach holding hands........... The weather would be wonder ful..................A nice sea breeze.............Palm trees.........lovely goldensand...........clear blue water..........

  • I would be with my sister in that last 10 minutes and ask her to take proper care of my mom

  • The guy that I like. I would tell him that I don't care about our age difference, I feel more myself around him than people I've known for years. I'd remind him about all the conversations we've had where he told me things that he's never told anyone else. I would make him see that it could work between us if he saw what was right under his nose and gave it a chance.
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