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What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

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  • I want to be a singer. I won't use the past tense because in the past, I didn't have a dream. I dreamed of making my parents happy but that's not a dream; that's a goal. A mere number on a checklist of things to do before you die, before you grow up. And as for the second question, I haven't but I plan to. If anything, realizing what I want to do has made me determined, more than I have ever felt, to accomplish what I want.

    I want to sing my heart out.
    I want to sing like the world is listening and loving me.
    I want to sing as if nobody existed and that was all I needed.
    I want to sing until my weak lungs give out and I can't utter a word.
    I want to sing and feel the exact same feeling I did when I first sang on stage: alive.

  • Not really. Well as of yet. Sadly I do not have super powers nor do I ever believe I will. 

  • I wanted to be a high school math teacher living in a small Iowa town. Accomplishement,well,perhaps when all of this Seven Scripts/B.A.M. stuff is concluded.(Joanne T 2010:08.10 ~ 03:12PM)

  • "Мир во всем мире" считается? :) Нет, она не сбылась, до сих пор кто-нибудь да воюет. А что-то более конкретное не могу назвать-не помню.

  •   Я всегда хотела ощущать свободу (выбора, передвижения...) и ощущать счастье, не оглядываясь на то как счастливы мои родители и как они это выражают...Я научилась быть счастливой без оглядки, только основываясь на своих собственных ощущениях и это кажется очень здорово....свободу выбора я выбрала как принцип жизни, но полноценно еще до конца не "обуздала")))))
  • My very first childhood dream was to be an FBI agent, I used to run around the house with a toy gun and badge busting my parents. Obviously, I didn't achieve that. I had many childhood dreams, but let's be honest, we rarely actually want to be what we wanted as a child. Like, I want to be an archaeologist, which I'm slowly embarking upon. That's something I barely started entertaining towards the end of my high school career. Long story short, I wanted to work for the FBI, and no, I never did accomplish it.

  • From what i used to want from kindergarten, i failed because i wanted to always do good in school =D

  • My childhood dream was to live somewhere peaceful like the beach where i won't have to worry about unassary things. It would be just me, a dog and nature. Sad to say my drean haven't come to light yet, but still i have hope. I'm still young after all. 

  • to be a police officer (dog section) and sadly no :(

  • Well as a little girl, my dream job was to be a writer. Anything to do with books. I loved every aspect of them, had a brilliant imagination as well. When i hung out with my friends around the cul-de-sac, I would come up with elaborate tales of how we would act and what we would do, like they were my actors playing out what was in my mind. Though of course none of the things in my mind could be made into a definite reality at that moment, it was like i was wearing "rose-colored glasses". I could "see" what my imagination was portraying. If i wanted us to be riding on dinosaurs or flying through the sky, it would appear that way. Almost like day-dreaming, but a tad more real.

    I also wanted to be a vet, because i loved animals and thought that animals would love me. The sad reality of being a vet came when i was in the 5th grade, and my dog was put to sleep without me knowing, and the vet had done it. I couldnt grasp the concept of being a vet anymore. It left me cold and dead inside. And my dog haunted my dreams from that point on.

    I havent accomplished nearly anything from the dreams of my childhood, somewhere along the way i lost myself. I was childish as a child, and wanted to believe i could hide behind illusions while my real world crumbled around me, but can you blame me? That life is in my past, yet it still  haunts me to this day, i cant recall most of it, mainly because i blocked so much out, but somewhere in my subconscious it is still alive and kicking, waiting for me to remember and torment me again.


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