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Work, work, work

Would you rather work at a job that you enjoy but pays little or work at a miserable job that pays a lot?

Answers (723)

  • Для меня подходит 3 вариант: высоко оплачиваемую и любимую.
  • Лучьше любимую
  • I do that already. I work at a job I don't particularly enjoy, even though I feel I'm doing a greater good by giving people help with their telephone communications when they desperately need it, and I do my art and stuff in my spare time, which honestly doesn't seem very abundant. It may have something to do with my hours and how I didn't have to cook for the family when I worked a different shift. I can only do what I can.

  • Я бы работу!
  • Иногда для некоторых людей деньги являются отличной мотивацией, что в последующем становиться их любимым делом, но только на короткий срок, потом уже будет некая ненависть к работе и желание ее избегать. Нужно помнить что деньги - это инструмент, им не нужно поклоняться. Цель должна быть выше денег, деньги лишь выступают как часть топлива для ее достижения. Иначе мы не достигаем цели, а зарабатываем. Все знают что счастье не в деньгах, но все хотят убедиться в этом лично. Говорят, деньги не приносят счастья, они приносят мгновения радости. Надо рассуждать, как буддисты: делай то, что хорошо умеешь, и то, что считаешь правильным, а все остальное приложится. Невозможно заниматься тем, что не нравится, и чего-то добиться. Для достижения цели не всегда нужны деньги, но цель нужна всегда. Моя мама говорила мне: "Если ты станешь солдатом, то будешь генералом, если станешь монахом, то будешь настоятелем". Вместо этого я стал художником, и стал Пикассо. - Пабло Пикассо, 1881-1973, известный французский художник

  • Ultimately, it's about being content and occupied with something you generally want to be a part of. There are people who have grown up with the intention of becoming something, something which holds relevance with them since their childhood and might not neccessarily require a big paycheck. It's just a job that keeps them happy and is a personal ambition.

    Others work simply because they have to, or maybe they've been forced by pressure from parents. They need money, so they'll spend time studying and preparing for a career in a high-paid job like a lawyer or a doctor because that is what is perceived as being well established in terms of reputation, and at the end of the day, they are getting paid a heck of a lot. But that doesn't mean they enjoy their job, or that they wake up in the morning feeling mighty proud of themselves with a huge grin just thinking about the day that will ensue.

    I, however, would be completely fine working for a small, steady wage doing something I love.

  • Easy. A job that I enjoy though it pays little. I've proven that many times in the companies I've worked for in the past. I have lasting memories and able to maintain friendships and connection with former co-workers. I feel more motivated and inspired to report to work and I am almost never late. It gives me a deeper sense of purpose and recognition of my efforts. I also learn more about what I do and why I'm doing it. I am addressed by my first name and I don't feel like worker ant #162 or something mediocre than that. IMHO, enjoying what you do gives more a lot more benefits than being miserable. So I'd much rather choose something I enjoy with the longterm benefits it gives me than mere financial benefits a miserable job can only provide.
  • I happen to believe in the saying (and song) "money, Money, MONEY!!"

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