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They had it coming

If you could drop a character from your favorite TV show, who would you off and how would it happen?

Answers (304)

  • Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton. I seriosly dont like both of em'.

  • Lately my faves are Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

    1. from LotS, i'd kill all the Sisters of the Light/Dark: indeed, both the good and the devil ones are such fanatical & obtuse that i skip all their parts from the episodes as soon as i catch just a glimpse of their long red dresses (which are really wonderful though). I'd want Mord'Sith to kill them (Mord'Sith are so powerful you know) or it would be quite funny to see the Lighters against the Darkers *-* wondering which side would perish first. +_+

    Cara (Mord'Sith) versus Nikki (Sister of the Dark)

    2. from Merlin, please someone kill baby Mordred. I HATE HIM SO MUCH. A good death for the kiddo would be by Merlin casting a spell and paralyzing him, Arthur blinding him with Exalibur, Gwen sewing his lips together ('couse the baby screams a bit too much for my liking) and Morgan making him crazy with her mind magic. At the end the big dragon could incenerate him *_*

    3. from The Vampire Diaries, i can't stand Bonnie: she was ok at the start, but after her grandma's death she became very stubborn and unbereable and i hate stubborn people the most °_° now it'd like very much to see she dropping out of the show, maybe with my Damon frightening her to death (and please make me forget what happens between D/B in the books. The writer must have become crazy to pair them up: if the Bonnie of the tv-series was actually ok at the start, the Bonnie of the books has never been ok. She's not for Damon, no no).

    Damon frightening Bonnie *hahaha*

    4. from True Blood, first of all Sookie. She's the main female character of the show (i'm still wondering how she happened to be the one) but she's really annoying & stupid & i can't comprehend how is possible that such a wonderful vampire as Eric is so bond to her (i do not wonder for Bill: he is one other annoying & stupid character); well, of course people are interested in her for her telepathy -which, a propos, is sooo much wasted on a person like her. It'd be kind of ironic seeing Sookie killed by her beloved vampire Bill XD maybe after killing the girl, Bill could kill himself too. 
    Then Tara, Sookie best friend: she's emotionally unstable, no joking, she's always screaming & imprecating to anyone / anything. I guess i'd love to see her staying with Franklin (the psycho vampire who kidapped her) forever: that surely would kill her -if you have no idea who's Franklin, watch this video XD i swear the vampire is so funny in his insanity = he's just perfect for Tara ♥ *si spara*
    Last, i guess i'm going to detest The Magister if anything bad happens to Eric or Pam in the next episodes.

    Ending the entry with LotS (because i can't help but write about it*-*) & ot ↓

    aww  ♥

  • How did I ever miss this one?!   Gwen Bloody Cooper-Williams.  Yes please, I would give a kidney to see that.  The more gruesome the better.  The only thing worse than a Mary Sue is a bad Mary Sue.   Her husband Rhys is either a saint or a masochist, maybe both.  Here's a highlight for those who haven't had the pleasure: had an affair with a co-worker, and feeling guilty confesses to him asking for forgiveness -- but also slips an amnesia pill into his drink so that he'll forget all about the confession.

  • My favorite TV show is Gossip Girl. If I had to off one person it would be Vanessa. She's ruined (or almost ruined) everyone's favorite couples. It would happen by her going to live to Boston with Dan & Serena's long lost brother Scott. I really liked their relationship. I was so mad when he left.
  • I probably would've killed everybody in the cast of LOST except for Hurley and Benjamin Linus. What's the point in having anybody succeed in escaping the island? Those who escape will only turn around, return to the island and die. It happened plenty of times in the past. Plus, the final episode vaguely suggested that everybody in the cast ended up dead anyway. Why not kill them all off on screen. Yes, it would've been vastly sadder that way, but it would've made for good television. Plus, the final episode of LOST would've made much greater sense. Don't get me wrong. LOST had a great cast of characters. However, I always got the impression that the whole point for LOST was to inform us that life is pointless and futile. LOST appeared to have a fatalistic view of life, the universe and everything. If that's the case, why not make LOST's depressing storyline even more depressing than it already is.

  • I have a few favourite shows: Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Friends, True Blood...
    1) From Friends, Emily. She made season 5 (and part of 6?) unbearable. She was a bitch and a major waste of screen time.

    2) From Vampire Diaries... hmm, maybe Caroline. She took Damon at first (x.x) and now she's just... well either DEVELOP or DROP it's pissing me off she hasn't changed. If she had to drop I wish it would be the way Vicky was... vampire-d and staked.
    And Stefan! I wouldn't drop but I'd either change him or downsize his role. The whole thing about him getting back to human blood was so dramatically led up with how Damon described it and whatnot, but then it barely lasts 2 episodes and it ends all happy and perfect? Damn he just annoys me so much! If he was downsized it'd have to be due to human blood in my opinion. You can't really drop a main character, but you can change him - i think it's really clear more people like Damon from what I've seen online. We need more Damon =)

    3) From True Blood, Bill. I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse books so I don't know what the differences are, but Bill annoys me. he's like Stefan who's like Edward Cullen and Edward Cullen is blahhh. We need more Eric. Downsize Bill =) Keep him in Louisiana so there can be more Eric/Sookie going on >.>

    4) Big Bang Theory... they're all so good. It's an amazingly hilarious show, so characters... I don't think I'd change or drop any of them. That show is perfect as it =D
  • Kate from Lost. She'd be shot by Juliet. Also Logan from Veronica Mars. He'd be hit by a car.

  • I would have to say I'd get rid of Judith from Two and a Half Men... she's just a biz nich and that's all there is to it :3
  • Although the show is already finished I would drop Juliet from 'Lost'. I would of liked to see her go to death by firing squad :D
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