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The Summer Hit

Which song will be the summer hit played at beaches and backyard BBQs everywhere?

Answers (53)

  • California Girls-Katy Perry ! :)

  • The summer hit song will be Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

  • unfortunatley for anyone with a taste for music their ears will be repeatedly raped by katy perrys California Gurls all summer long. it is so popular. it disgusts me

  • As much as I'd hate to admit it...California Gurls by Katy Perry is well on it's way. At the bookstore, we only play one radio station because we are so close to the broadcasting studio that it's the only station we can pick up, and they play this song at least 6 times a day! I like Katy Perry, somewhat. I used to be obsessed with Hot N' Cold! But this one just annoys me. The fact that it preaches to a small population of the country is annoying. It's also annoying that "Gurls" is spelled like it is.

    What about us Midwestern Girls? Are we not exciting enough? Are we not fun...well, I guess I'm not really that fun. But I don't care. I refuse to like this song.

    My, personal, summer jam has got to be "Kiss that Grrrl" by Kate Nash. I love Kate! Anything from her new album (and any of her old ones) are great! I also like Alejandro by Lady Gaga...but that is also well on it's way to being overplayed.

  • Unfortunately the Katy Perry song... Can't she and Snoop die already :D

  • For most, probably that ridiculous California Gurls song by Katy Perry. I'll be listening to upbeat Aaliyah music for the summer.

  • California Girls by Katy Perry.
  • Nightmare by A7X of course.

  • NIckelback-This Afernoon
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