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My Plans For The Holidays

How are you spending the holidays?

Answers (78)

  • While I enjoy Christmas as much as the next person (and I am indeed one of those ornament-obsessed, Santa-threw-up-in-my-house type people) I am glad the season is coming to a close. I'm ready to spend some of my vacation actually relaxing, and hopefully, writing. School starts back on January 14th, and an 18-hour load of upper-level History courses on Europe and methodology can sap you until there is nothing left but inane trivia concerning the pets of powerful rulers.
  • well, spending it home alone certainly wasn't in my forcast... that says something
  • E&S 2 Cute!

    I'm sitting here at my dinning room table across from my sister while listening to the soothing sounds of Raul Midon (excellent singer and musician by the way).  While taking in all my surroundings; my sister answering the phone so excited to here from Brandon, the TV in the living room, my mom rustling bags of laundry before we head off to ten o'clock Christmas mass, I think to myself how lucky I am to be living the life I do. I am quite content with just about everything right now.  I am so glad to be back home from Arizona spending time with my family. I feel so comfortable here, so myself.  Friends are looking forward to hanging out after all the Christmas hustle and bustle is over.  That will be nice, especially when my Sexybutt gets here!  For some reason he seems to be on my mind quite a bit :-) Maybe it is because we haven't seen each other in ten days, maybe its the Raul Midon music that reminds me of such wonderful times we have together just hanging out together- I get this rush of calmness, happiness, and warmness when I can relax and enjoy this music that we have sort of discovered together, maybe its because every time I hear his voice on the phone I am absolutely delighted. I'm in a whirlwind of sparks flying, twinkles in my eyes, girly happy squeals, passionate words being exchanged, caring gestures, fresh young relationship, and adventure! I love it and I'm having the time of my life with this 'one-in-a-million' guy! Basically I am one very happy girl!
  • On Christmas Eve, I am going to do a little bit of work and then go home and get ready to go to Christmas Mass, or Christmass. After Mass I'll probably come home and go over to Phillips to hang out with his family and perhaps we will play progressive rummy. On Christmas Day, I am going to try and get up about 10 and around 11 my sister and I will go and get her son, my nephew so he can celebrate Christmas with us. Then we'll get back home and have a late Christmas breakfast, which is supposed to consist of French Toast, bacon and other sweet goodies. Then Phillip is supposed to come over after he has visited with his grandparents and the rest of his family and eat again with my family. Nothing like Christmas to help you eat too much and gain a lot of weight. Then I'll probably go with Phillip back over to his place after I take my sister back home. The day after Christmas, my mom, nephew, Phillip and myself are going to visit my aunt Charlotte, uncle Bobby and my cousin Amanda and their place in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Along with my cousin Johnathan and his snobby wife Emi and their baby Madison. This is the part of Christmas that I am dreading, I don't particularly like getting together with my family because everytime we're together I get the third degree about whatever is going on in my life and what I need to do to change it. Of course, there needs to be something wrong in my life in order for me to fix it. Then Phillip is going to leave on the 27th to head back to Birmingham so he can go to work the next day and I am going to try to leave with him. I hope that happens. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas
  • im gonna be at my grandparent's house (in fact i already am) and thats about it....

  • folding, mounds and mounds of laundry, playing with rambunctous boys and pup, playing with their Doctor Who and Dragonology toys, trying not to fight with my mom, or his mom, or him
  • Everyone is always here for christmas eve, the next day they travel to where they have to go for the other side of the family. I really didn't set it up this way , I just kinda of evolved this way. Piece and quiet otherwise, a little bit of shopping after Christmas, I need to fix the pick-up incase it rains, I hate riding the bike when its raining other than that we just take it easy.
  • I'm spending x-mas morning...at work. Yep, I'll be at Walgreens for my 9am-2pm shift. We'll see if anyone calls in sick on that day, for closing. If they do, I'll proabbly offer to stay later. My family doesn't do anything anyway. Not since my grandpa's stroke. Soyeah.
  •  I`m spending my Holidays at my house with my family,friends and having fun with them.I`m going to play the keyboard mmaybe even sing for my church Christmas Eve.
  • None. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. I'm doing absolutely nothing. And I've never felt so alone. D: Actually, I don't feel THAT alone. But I am pretty frickin' bored. GAH!
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