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Sony Cyber-shot TX5

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

Answers (198)

  • 1. Mermaids (They DO exist!)

    2. Coral reefs with all the fish that live there

    3. Dolphin baby bonding with it's parent

    4. sand dollars... a bunch of 'em 

    5. Myself next to a sunken ship

  • k. sounds fun.

    1. Images of water war!!!! Someone SHOULD take pictures of the crazy water fights at chalets.
    2. Lunar eclipse from underwater. The next one is in June 2011. The moonriver-esque effect should be stunning.
    3. Friends getting thrown into swimming pools from underwater. Getting thrown into swimming pool is a must-have ritual for every large scale birthday party and everyone's pictures look the same - birthday boy/girl in mid-air falling into the pool. A waterproof camera will revolutionize how such moments should be captured.
    4. Bottom-up shots of raindrops trickling down trees after a heavy rain. Preferably taken during sunset, when the water droplets are glistening with the leaves.
    5. The bubbling process of dry ice in soap water! It is best to do in under sunlight so that I can get images of bubbles of different colours. The pictures should be taken underwater to get the image of small bubbles getting bigger in water.

  • I would want to photograph...
    1. Ocean life under the sea; the fishes, the coral, the seaweed
    2. Someone jumping into a swimming pool... from beneath the water
    3. The starry night sky, just to see what the sea animals see when they look up into the stars at night
    4. A picture of my brother and sister playing underwater karate. Trust me, it looks awsome!
    5. A picture of a fishing line/hook in the water. I wanna see why fish are so attracted to them!

  • Hi there, I would like to convert a japanese name to the Kanji characters. My friend's name is Tatsuyoshi in roman english but i can't seem to find any sites that can give me the Kanji characters? Please help, thanks!
  • 1. I would take an underwater family portrait of my family and make it into Christmas cards to send to everyone.  2. It would be crazy to take this along and attach it securely to a fishing line and take pictures of fishes or prawns for that matter of fact! You might discover a new deep underwater species. 3. I would make my friends twist themselves into human alphabets and save it as a font online, free for all to use.  4. It would be fun to use the camera to take pictures of people's lower bodies in the water, and mix it with strange and random things like trash cans and road signs. 5. Last but not least, when you are cooking and you want to do up a blog post you can do crazy things like taking photos of your vegetables being washed.  It would be awesome to have such a camera!
  • You won't find the Filipino people being truly themselves until you ride the MRT or LRT.  Being in the face of adversity is a different thing - when one considers the People Power Revolution that occurred in the 1980's and again in the early 2000's.  We, Filipino people, take pride in these moments in history, especially the first one, where we stood in the crowded of streets.  The EDSA is one of the main avenues of the Metro Manila, connecting several cities, connecting the people for one purpose. Another thing that connects these cities is the MRT.  Thousands of people ride this train or shall we say transit, daily.  I, for one, ride it as well to get to school and back.  Now here's how it works: the transit is divided into three carts.  The first cart is reserved for women, children, elders and those with disabilities, while the other two carts are free-for-all. This is my third year to ride the MRT, and because my parents are conservative, insist on me riding the first cart unless a boy accompanies me going home.  With the six stops that separate the Ayala Station (where I get on) to the Araneta-Cubao Station (where I get off), I use this time to either catch up with homework or to discreetly study the people around me.  I have had my share of strange experiences in the MRT, and so has my sister who took it to go to school back when she was studying and now that she's working in GMA, which is next to the rightfully named GMA-Kamuning Station.  One of the most notable experiences were (in the first cart) a threesome make-out session was going on - yes, threesome...three very lesbian (or possibly bisexual?) girls.  Mine wasn't as out-of-the-ordinary, but definitely things occur that are worth laughing about.  Not that I am a negative or a pessimistic person, but there is almost always something to say when you talk about the MRT ride - but not everything worth sharing because it is the same thing over and over and over again.  They say that when you want to get on the elevator, you have to let the people inside come out before stepping in because it has limited person capacity.  You will simply clog the doorway and no one can get on because no one can get off.  Why that logic cannot reach into the minds of the commuters, I cannot comprehend.  I was commuting with my friends one time and the train was already full.  We tried to step to the side to let the people inside come out, but instead of that happening, we were pretty much carried - not pushed, CARRIED - into the cart.  These were ladies - could you possibly still call them ladies after that endeavor? - mind you.  There were times when I was actually scolded for not moving, when I stationed myself towards the front and tried to hold my ground so I could hold back the stampede for those leaving the train. When inside, the women are ruthless in grabbing the seats.  Rarely do they stand to let the pregnant ladies, the older men and women, the children, and some would get angry or bad-mouth the man on the wheelchair who takes up so much space.  I have labeled certain characters on the MRT as such, quite self-explanatory. CLINGERS:  There are vertical bars that allow passengers to hold on to as the train moves.  If people surround that bar and hold on, perhaps, it could reach five persons holding on.  What happens then when one embraces and clings on that bar for dear life?  We see some lose their balance and falling on others who are kind enough to "catch" them - not like they had a much of a choice really. LEANERS:  Another incident is people POSSIBLY being extra-hygienic leaning on the sides of the benches therefore intruding with the sitter's position and a total invasion of personal space because the part of the leaner's body that you touch?  None other than their butt.  RUBBERS:  Speaking of total invasion of privacy, when commuters fill up the aisle and hold on to the hanging straps, many leave so much space between them and the bench before them and crossing what I like to visualize as the middle line - or if I want to go all scientific, the sagittal plane that divides the body into the left and the right side.  Personally, I am a person who loves personal space.  I distort my sitting position so a leaner wouldn't shove her butt into my face.  Standing up, the worst a person could do is allow her butt to rub against mine.  I look like an idiot moving my hips slightly forward just so I get my personal space back.  Good thing I have a bag to hide that awkward position.  Minor yet similar instances are those who poke or nudge me with their oversize bags. And this is the first cart - where all the "ladies", elders, children and disabled may escape from the entropy occurring in the two other carts!  If you ask me, I'd much prefer to stay in the back.  There is the same pushing into the cart, but I see and feel more civility.  Men already sitting stand up to accommodate the lady (at times), but better yet, men will not sit until all the ladies have sat.  Maybe I'm a girl and that's why the back appeals to me more - because they actually give consideration to the girl. They have their flaws.  I was with my cousin once.  We were standing up and there men and women who were seated.  The person in front of me stood to get off so it gave me the right to settle down - and more often than not, I do not hesitate.  My cousin insisted that I sit and so I did, but upon the sight of an old lady entering, I called her and invited her to take my seat.  She gave me a blessing.  Why did the girl do that?  Why not the man?  When the person next to her stood to take his leave, she hurried me to take that seat before anyone else would. So, that is the MRT.  Could it be the Filipino people?  Somehow it is difficult to see them any other way.  You see them in their environment.  You see them in public - and to think people ought to be more demure in such situations.  You feel the desperation to get away.  You see the selfishness and the inconsideration for others.  You see people pushing others to have their way.  Certainly, these are NOT in any way individuals.  There are those I have argued with to take the seat, but we leave each other with a smile.  There are stations where there are not many people waiting to get on the transit and therefore allow those inside to come out before entering.  We may be proud to know how we were able to be and how we could be one as a people in People Power Revolution in EDSA.  But besides that, could we be one people in normal circumstances - in the little moments that we believe do not count?
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  • this is a good timing since am really eyeing for the Sony TX5 since Saturday. 

    1. camwhoring while dancing in the rain.
    2. the beautiful and colorful fishes at the Sabah ocean while snorkeling.
    3. kssing in the rain.
    4. making faces at the pool water.
    5. a view from the bottom up of a girl in gown pretending to be dead in the pool. 

    I think it is a completely romantic notion to look for glimpses of mythological water creatures. There are a lot which abound in world myths such as Thetis (Greek),  The Dragon Kings (China) and Grindylows (Britain).   Sea creatures from folklore have inspired contemporary tales such as the barnacle-crusted pirates from the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean and the merpeople in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

     There are two types of mythological water creatures though that have caught my fancy.  One is of Bäckahästen or the brook horse in Scandinavian folktales.  This magical horse appears near rivers during foggy weather, and it is said that any one who is lured into riding her could never get off again.  The rider would be drowned in the depths of the water when Bäckahästen jumps in.  
    Another fantastical tale, this time of Scottish origins, is that of nocturnal water faeires called Ashrays or Water lovers. Also called Asarais or Asrai , they can take the form of men or women and are said to be completely translucent like ghosts. When the Asarais are exposed to sunlight, they melt into water pools.

    In his version of the Asrai tale, Andrew Paciorek says that they are exclusively female in form, pale or silvery and naked, or clothed in ethereal robes. They can live for centuries, but still look young. Men who catch a glimpse of these strange maidens are filled with desire to capture them. However, the beautiful creatures of mist melt into the moonlit waters when caught. Like the previous version of their tale, they cannot retain their forms under the sun.

    Some may say that to capture any of these creatures on film may reduce their mythical aura. I believe, however, that any glimpses of them on camera will give rise to even more fantasies about their existence.

    Other things I would want to photograph are images of underwater fossils. Although these may not seem as magical as Ashrays or Bäckahästen, they can give a different sense of wonder when you think about how these fossils have preserved a wealth of archaeological history for us.

    I couldn't imagine anything more fantastic than these things, but if there were two more things that I would want to see on camera, then I guess they would be the simpler, yet still magical moments of glowing jellyfish underwater or of living sea corals.

    external sources

    Paciorek, Andrew. "Asrai". Strange Lands:Supernatural Creatures of the Celtic Underworld. Web. 5 July 2010.
  • sunken ship haha!
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