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Childhood Memories As A Kid

Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what's your favorite childhood memory of summer?

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  • SAVED  7/3`1/2010
    Rem  The good sleep in Cloudland canyon.

  • One of my absolute favorite childhood memories of summer was of going to my maternal grandmothers house to go swimming.  I was very young at the time, roughly 4, and I could tell where we was going by the tree lined road through the country side when we was getting close.  At that time, my parents was still married, and when we was there with my sister, and aunt, we was all one big happy family.  I can remember going into the garage with my mom, putting on the orange arm floaties, and getting in the pool.  Those times, to me, are some of the best I've ever had,

  • My Grandma lived in Chester, SC when i was like 7 or 8. Me and my sister would always go over there for a week or weekend. Chester is a decent small town, there was this HUGE hill at the end of my grandmas street and me and my sister maybe even some neighborhood friends would walk up this huge hill in our bathing suits and dragging towels to go to this pool that was like two dollars to get in. i dont remember the pool that much but i definitely remember the hill. Another one of my favorite things was going down town and going to this  one store that sold girl dresses and  I LOVED going into that store.. the dresses were frilly and pretty but sooo expensive its like going to the mall and walking around to look at stuff i cant afford... lol sad but cute... I remember one time it mite have been a different hill i get them mixed up.. but anyway.. this one time im riding my bike as fast as i can go down this hill and this old lady driving her old lady car drove by and yelled at me because i didn't have a helmet on lol. looking back on it now i laugh cuz that old lady was so serious about it and i was so scared i was going to get in trouble for not having a helmet, i raced home cuz i thought the lady would drive by again or follow me home and tell my grandma that i didn't have a helmet....i didn't even own a helmet  lol yea fun fun summer time lol i dont do anything durin the summer anymore unless i have a date or my family goes to the beach....

  • Being lazy, Staying up until... {instert 2-3 days here..}..., watching the fireworks...., buying school supplies... im weird.. lol I like pencils =w=;

  • nothing, i hate summer because its always hot

  • Probably my favorite thing during any summer vacation is not having to do homework and deal with idiots from school.
    One summer, after 7th grade, I found a Dir en grey fanfic archive and I started to really get into Dir en grey Yaoi fanfics. I would stay up all night to read more and more of the fics that were posted on the site, and there was quite a bit of fics on there too. By the end of the summer, I had read almost all of the fics on the site, and I was already inspired to write my own, because I had liked them so much.
    That site is gone now, but I managed to salvage about half of the fics and I saved them. I still read them sometimes to this day.

  • Six Flags!!

  • My favorite memory of the summer as a child...

    Running around the block at night. Hanging out at our porch telling the dirtiest funniest jokes with each other. Double dutch and gossip. Playing around in our school yard. Catching frogs and other creatures. Reading until 4 am. Playing on my friend's tire swing. Riding bikes with my friend and practicing popping wheelies. Kickin it at each other's houses to play playstation and genesis. Having my crush come over as we used to kick it and just feel sooooo madly sprung over him.
  • I'm answering this because the answer is just four days away: Independence Day. Most years, between the ages of eight and sixteen, we went up to Big Bear to their house. There was a party, and fireworks on the lake. The only other noteworthy summer memory from my childhood were the annual family vacations that we sometimes took. We'd rent a minivan and travel to someplace in California--usually San Francisco and/or the Sequoia National Park, and thereabouts. But those vacations became increasingly tainted by bad family dynamics. My birthday, July 27, falls squarely in the heat of summer, but it was never enough of an occasion to qualify for fondest memories status.

  • I have a lot of memories of summer, it's hard to choose just one. Fireflies, rollerblading, bike rides, finding bugs, Fourth of July, parades, going up north, birthday parties, playing with friends, going to the playground when school is out. Summer is much more fun when you're a kid.
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