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Planet friendly

How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

Answers (501)

  • Surely, but people all over the world must be concerned , and educated about the measures to be taken!!

  • On the big scale, I'm relatively concerned about global warming but I'm still not about to chain myself to a single tree.  I do believe that if we would all each make a small step in the right direction, it could make a huge impact towards reversing some of the damage caused by humanity.  If each of us would all make a conscious decision to do something small different, it all adds up.  A personal note is when we changed all our bulbs to CFB, it dropped our electric bill 17$ a month, that adds up to savings, and its that much less electricity we use.  Most eco friendly decisions have financial impact, consider it the earths way of paying you back for caring.  like recycling, metals all recycle for a price, and every bit helps. If everyone in america would lower their thermostats by 2 degrees, it would free us from foreign oil in 5 years, and thats just that alone.  Putting up heavy blinds, or curtains to better insulate our windows,  using water filters VS constantly buying bottled water, or making it a point to recycle the plastic bottles.  There's a change for everyone, and it all adds up.  If people refuse to change something to help, shame on them. It doesn't have to be drastic, but a small step.  Change your lightbulbs, use reusable bags, recycle, walk to the mail box instead of driving, come on america, are you really that selfish?

  • Is it so difficult to plant a tree?!

  • To be completely honest, I'm not concerned about global warming...at all. The planet is trying to fix itself. It did the same thing way back in the days of the ice age. Sure we can cut down on gas emissions and recycle and change the way we live. That will help cut back on some things, but we have to let the earth deal with healing itself, the best way it knows how. It's inevitable that the ice caps will melt. The earth is changing, like it's done for its entire life time. Things change, they adapt and we're going to have to do the same thing. 

  • Не думаю, что жара которая стоит сейчас вот уже на прояжении нескольких недель, является глобальным потеплением. Ведь сегодня далеко не весь мир страдает от жары и засухи. В Америке, например, люди вообще не знают, как справиться с осадками, которые все выпадают и выпадают. В Иркутске все лето температурный столбик не поднимался выше отметки +20. Поволжье, столица и друие города изнемогают от жары, в Швейцарии тают ледники, но я не думаю, что это не так опасно, так как думаю, что в следующим году лето будет теплым, а не жарким. Гороздо страшнее сейчас неурожаи и их последствия. Представляю как "взыграют" цены на все хлебобулочные изделия. Так что будем худеть!

  • тепло-это хорошо...а если серьезно...
    конечно может...но для этого должно пройти очень много времени.....может быть 100-200 лет....

  • Global  Warming is one issue in the news  currently that is constantly on my mind.    I am not much of  an environmentalist by any standard  but   I wish people would have more  respect for this planet then they seem to.    If everyone recycled and   cut down on gas emissions  things would be for this planet.
    The  Oil Spill in the Gulf also frusturates me.  I can't beleive it's been going on  for 70 some odd days. I know that they are trying hard to contain the splill but they should  really try harder.  I hate seeing the picutre on the news of all the animals that are covered in  oil. It's  dispicalble   I am glad my family doesn't buy thier gas from BP.

    PS sorry to everyone for the flood of updates today.    There are so many  interesting writer's block questions.  I kind of get wrapperd up in answering them.

  • Считаю что чем теплее тем блять лучше

  • Мне кажется это придумали учёные...так очень удобно трясти бабки со всяких предприятий и корпораций...типа на борьбу с глобальным потеплением...
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