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What is the best science fiction movie of all time, and why?

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  • дети со станции зоо.Кристина Ф. да потому что интересна была тема.Вообще не понимаю зачем общаться с людьми которых не знаешь?

  • Science fiction - would have to say the Matrix. It really makes you think, and makes you see the world a different way

  • It will always be Star Wars. Yeah! Star Wars! The best of all.
  • Hummm, so many movies to choose from, I don't know if I could say which one is the best of "All Time!" I do have some top picks.... 1. Original Star Wars is really good, all three. 2. Serenity is awesome! (So many reason's it's good, just watch it) 3. A.I. (Because, there is something about the love of a Artifical child) 4. E.T. (because he is so cute...ET, ET, ET!) 5. Tron (just because) 6. 2001:space Odyssey (best soundtrack ever!) 7. Star Trek, (Generations, or First Contact, or the new one (because it's star Trek, that is way)) 8. Treasure Planet, (yes it is disney animation, but it is so cool!) 9. A.E. (another animation, but any movie willing to call a world Bob, is good in my book) 10. the first Matrix (great fun to watch, and intresting story)
  • Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time, and it qualifies as science fiction, I believe. I don't know if I would argue it as the best science fiction movie of all time, but, I'm bored, so here goes: I loved the premise, bringing back creatures from hundreds of millions of years ago through cloning made possible by an eccentric billionaire with enough balls (and money) to make it happen despite whatever ethical or rational objections our society would use to try and stop him. Take these creatures and give them a specified area (like an island!) to procreate and adapt, and fight for survival amongst each other- creating an ecosystem the likes of which would be beyond any human's ability to anticipate. To make it more fun, turn the whole thing into an amusement park! Let in a small group of people, some more prepared (paleontologist, botanist, and chaotician) than others (lawyer) explore and interact with this new world through their eyes! Can you appreciate how fantastic a ride that is, beyond the graphics and the exciting music? And beyond that, it tells a compelling story about the seductive illusion of control and the foolish destructive notion to take natural beauty and simply capture and make money from it! The movie has brilliant performances and actors whose chemistry between each other is a joy to watch. But it also is aware of it's own preposterous-ness and embraces the campy quality of a fun science fiction movie. I LOVE this movie. I must have seen it over a hundred times.

  • Назад в будущее. Незабываемый фильм о том, что все может быть.
  • Gattaca or The Matrix. I don't like Science Fiction much, but these are two movies I would watch more than once.
  • Dark City and because it has Keifer Sutherland hahah ;) nah its great because it is the pre-Matrix, the original. It was creepy and made you think and had all those other great sci-fi things that we love.

  • На первом месте у меня "Дюна" Девида Линча. Фильм потрясный, хоть и старый, я бы даже сказала древний..
    Ну еще "Секретные материала". Обожала а детстве.

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