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What is the most memorable event of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you'll ever top it?

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  • One of  the most memorable things that have happened to me this summer was arguing with my friends. We always argue, but this year it was just plain stooopid. I even Into a fight with a friend I've known since I was like eight, and yeah it was guy. But I think the arguments brought us together.


  • Наша свадьба, разумеется!) Надеюсь, подобного больше не случится, так как замуж я вышла по великой любви и, верю, что на всю жизнь.
     У меня была как раз такая свадьба, о которой я всегда мечтала.
    Наличествовали главные составляющие этого знаменательного события: жених, невеста, невестино платье - восхитительное творение из бело-розового шифона, кольца (которые мы, правда, за полгода до свадьбы купили и напялили, а перед загсом сняли)), шикарный свадебный торт с клубникой и взбитыми сливками, и самые близкие люди - родители... правда, сказать такое можно только о моих родителях... присутствие обожаемой свекрови, полагающей, что я непременно должна быть беременной, иначе с чего бы ее сын на мне женился и вообще не очень-то радующейся сему событию, немного омрачало торжество, но это зло неизбежное))
    Дело было зимой, мы чуть не опоздали на регистрацию из-за снежных заносов, но все же успели. После росписи вышли на улицу, были уже легкие сумерки, и снег медленно падал красивыми крупными хлопьями... Потом в рамках недолгого семейного застолья был съеден торт)), потом все разошлись... а у нас еще осталось полно сил для брачной ночи)), а то некоторые молодожены вместо полагающихся в эту ночь занятий мирно дрыхнут или от усталости или с перепою, или, что еще хуже, деньги подсчитывают, типа окупилась свадьба или нет) Менее романтичное занятие и представить сложно)
    Второй день был разбит на две части. Полдня гуляли у меня на работе, полдня - у мужа)

  • ok so there's actually more than one memorable moments in my life bu so far the most memorable one or at least the top one of my list has been the night he gave me the ring i now wear all the time. he picked me up in my house and put the ring in my finger. the night was beautiful............we went to a dance for a while but then outside we stayed in the car for more than an hour just embracing each other. i fully trusted him, and in fact he was a total gentleman. if this night would ever be top i guess it could be topped by the day of our wedding if he and i get to that point one day.
  • I went to Alaska this summer, and I saw so many things that blew my mind. Each day I woke knowing I would see things I may never see again, that many people will never see in their lifetimes. I felt truly blessed, because all of it was possible thanks to my generous and loving grandparents. I hate to think of it this way, but I know they are getting older, and I try to embrace every moment with them I can. They have done more for me than I can ever thank them for, and I love them more than I can say. I know taking me on that trip, and showing me the places they loved most was a dream come true for them as well. If I ever have a moment to top that, I am one lucky bitch. I think my key to happiness is realizing how lucky I am, and appreciating all the things life has to offer.
  • Ummmmm this weekend when my boyfriend gave me a promise ring.. we were on the balcony of a 22 floor watching the epcot fireworks and he pulled out a ring and i started to cry. Nothing will ever top it except maybe when we get engaged or married. The fact that he waited til we were in orlando made it special because he took me out to places i had never seen before and he made me feel like i was the only person in the world who he cared for. Maybe I'm just selfish as hell but i loved every single minute of being in that hotel with him. and the parks were awesome. Then there is another thing...it's gonna be three years in 2 weeks. I can't fucking wait. I feel like i have the best boyfriend in the universe and i know for a fact that I'm keeping him. He is amazing in every single way and nothing can ever top how he makes me feel. ....... wait........ The fact that I was with him is what made this memory so special. I truly have a dream guy and i cant wait to live out the rest of my life with him. i love jose carlos dorta FOREVER S2

  • Самое значимое событие в моей жизни-рождение сына. Особенное в том, что  дети наше будущее, а сын- продолжатель рода, фамилии... Будем стараться и обязательно случится вновь :)

  • Мой день рождения в 2009 году.

  • WARPED TOUR June 27,2010 3:35 pm I met the Summer SET and i was freaking out it was great and right after it got even better met alesana then allura then pierce the veil then after that i was practically ASPHYXIATED
  • Moving into my new house as a kid and we had no furniture so we all gathered on the floor in the living room and ate mcdonalds. I have no idea why I remember that cause I was like 3 at the time but I still love that memory, especially since we have redesigned the house and it looks nothing like I remember. :P Will I ever top it, maybe, but it doesn't matter cause it will never feel the same way. Each memory is important in its own way and for me that's just the one that is most "memorable" to me.

  • Being able to play with my rats the limited time that they were still there, What made it so special was that they were even more loyal than my dog! They would snuggle with me for hours and never even leave the room! Oh how I miss them so... No I dont ever think so..
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