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Writer's Block

Weekend wish list

What's your idea of the perfect weekend? Do you generally prefer unstructured time or a busy social calendar?

Answers (380)

  • ...to this WRITER`S BLOCK was the one which started 5G thinking about using pictures.

  • у меня всё лето запланировано)))))))))))))))) каждый выходной-событие!!!!!! ))))))))продумываю всё до мельчайших деталей, в плоть до того в чем я буду оитдыхать))))))))))))))))))))))
  •  it is when you have nothing to do...no assignments, no works, no parties and such to attend to...just sit down on the couch all day, eat, and watch whatever is in the telly..tada, perfect weekend.have some rest too.

  • This was the photograph which gc used as an example when he spoke to My Place Larry.

  • Saved for showing the picture to MyPL. 2010:07.20.

  •  Я провожу выходные частично спонтанно, частично планирую... вообщем как получится..говорят нельзя загадывать, но строить небольшие планы я считаю возможным!

  • Когда полностью отрываешься от будничной суеты, не позволяя даже мыслями нарушить этот покой... В таком состоянии, даже целый день занимаясь домашними делами, кажется что выходной прошел идеально. А так, Я заранее люблю планировать как проведу выходной и жить в предвкушении этого)))))

  • Вообще-то отдаю предпочтение спонтанности, так интересней.

  • Now that it's summer a perfect weekend is a weekend away with friends. I already had a somewhat perfect weekend as perfect as anything can be, my perfect weekend is spending a weekend down in wasaga beach with my friends camping or even a cottage. It's like vegas for teens minus the casino's but everything that happens down there stays down there. Since it's summer teens are always down there camping having fun away from parents. My perfect weekend is a weekend with my closes friends down in wasaga walking to the beach at 2 in the morning and sleeping for 4 hours. I like to have a busy social calendar especially during summer because I want to make the most of it.

  • Well, I have only saterday night free and sunday. So I think right now my perfect weekend is getting a good rest or studying dance steps and new techniques. I rarely go out to have fun. When I go out is working...
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