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If you could present any award at the MTV Movie Awards, which one would you want to present? Which celeb would you want up on stage with you?

Answers (74)

  • Remember when MTV was about the music? Remember when they played music videos? Remember when they DIDN'T TALK SO MUCH!

    or w/e the fuck it's called.hahahaha.
    um I'd definitely NEED to have
    Jensen Ackles up there on stage with me.
    no questions asked.
    that man is the unrequited love of my life.
    i mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?


  • I would love to be able to present the award for Movie of the Year.
    Annd I would like to think that  New Moon would win!!!!
    I really want to met Taylor Lautner in person! 

  • I would present the 'Sexiest Most Genre' It would be the award to the person who looks sexy in every kind of Genre. Punk, Rock, Emo, Scary, Sensitive you name it! And I give it to  Johnny Depp because even though He goes from Genre to Genre he is still sexy. (Ex. Edward Scissor hands, Pirates of the Carribean, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Alice and Wonderland.) GOOD JOB FOR BEING SEXY JOHNNY DEPP!! I LOVE YOU!!

  • I'm not so sure which award i'd like to present, but i'd like Johnny Depp up there with me. :]

  • If I could I would present the Best WTF Moment Award
    and i'll love to have Robert Pattinson up there with me he's my new all time favorite actor!!!....

  • Best Movie cause it's the most important one :)

    I'd want Zoe Saldana! GIRL IS GORGEOUS


    1 more day till the MTV MOVIE AWARDS :D

  • I would want to present the Best Kiss award or whatever it's called and i would want to present it with Will Smith.  I could picture it now...Sorry Jada!! (n_n)

  • Any award going to Johnny Depp please! Or if Kristen Stewart is to win an award I would love to be on stage with her so I can punch her in the face and tell her to learn how to act.

  • hmmmmmm
    i haven't seen many films recentlty..but i think best actress to meryl streep in "Doubt" (BTW philip seymour hoffman was AMAZING TOO!!!)
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