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My Dream Job

What's your dream job? Are you qualified for it? If not, would that stop you from taking it if it were offered to you?

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  • Musician. That's all I want. I want to tour. I want to live in the limelight. I want to sing, drum, play guitar.. have the fans, the songs, help people through the music. Am I qualified? I think I am. All you need is talent, a stick of gum in your pocket and a dream. So yes, I'd take it in a heart beat if some artist wanted to take me on tour with them. I'd leave my life behind to live the one I want to live.

  • I want to be a writer and a voice actor. I'll do my best to be qualified for it. I would take it no matter what!!

  • Well. I'm honestly not sure if my "dream job" actually even exists. I want to read for a living. I want to get paid to read. But I don't want to be a critic...because then I'd have to read the crappy stuff too.
  • I've always wanted to be a Marine Biologist but I was never very good at math. Also, an actress I don't know what keeps me from doing that. Probably the lack of funds to drive my fat ass up to SLC every time an audition comes up or whatever.

  • I FINALLY have my dream job! haha..at least one of them. ;)
    I am an LMT (massage therapist) who has tried her whole life to get to the spot I am in now. I make decent wages for now, at least until I can go out on my own instead of working for someone like I am now. I have plenty of clients to repeatedly come back to me! 

    What I would love to do in the future, is branch out. I'd love to get a Naturopathic Physician's license, and/or a homeopathic degree (which is the  equivalent to a Batchelor's). I'd also in the end, love to be either a Marine Biologist or a Conservationalist/Environmentalist Study.. that would travel around the world, trying to save the world (not just the whales. Everything.) I believe I have a bigger part in this world, and becoming an LMT just began my path in learning what I need to do to heal this world.
    Don't call me a hippie..but honestly, I believe since this world is falling apart, from the inside out, I would love to save it.
    Not only that, but I'd also love to be in science because I've always loved the human body/anatomy, and would love to branch out a bit more, with my science degree I could be able to find a TRUE cure for cancer, not just being able to patch cells or use stem cell research....be able to find a way to secure the human body from replicating its diseased cells. Maybe even, I would be able to find a way to really make nanotechnology real, in the sense that I could make a nanomachine able to patch the damned oil spill, and prevent that atrocity from happening again! :D

  • My dream job... My calling... Is to work with abused children and the foster and adoptive families that take them in, to help them transition smoothly into a new life. I also feel that I need to work with LGBTQA teens that are having problems at home, or are confused about themselves. 

    My dream is to make the world a better place--through our children-- one child at a time. 

    I am not quite qualified... as I do not currently have a child/family psychology degree... But I still feel that I could help, and if I were offered a job to help abused children, I would take it!
  • My current dream job is to own/work in a coffee shop. It's silly, but I want it so bad. I have no idea why this is my goal. Prior to that, I wanted to own a Japanese-style noodle shop in Sweden. My plans to move there were unexpectedly canceled, and noodle shops are a dime a dozen in the states, so that's off the table. Prior to THAT, I wanted to design or test video games. Seeing as I have mild carpal tunnel and no skills that would help me enter the field, that's also off the table. As for impossible, only-in-my-wildest-dreams job? Author and graphic novelist. I have stories I want to publish, and comics I want to draw, but realistically, I'd have to do that all on the side of a day job. Hopefully at a coffee shop. :D I'm hardly qualified for any of the jobs mentioned, but I have similar-enough experience working as a server in a restaurant, so it shouldn't be too hard to make the jump to barista. In terms of owning or managing the shop, though, I have a ways to go. I am, however, moderately qualified for the wildest-dream job. If I were offered the job(s), I would pounce on the offer like a starved wolf on a steak; I'd just make sure to work my ass off to keep the job(s).

  • I would love to teach something in college, maybe english or some sort of theology thing. No I'm not currently qualified, but its not toooo far out of my reach should I decide to go with it. UM.... i wouldn't want to do a job i wasn't prepared for, itd turn my dream into a nightmare.

  • Writing--it's what I do all day, in my head and on paper and online. I really don't know that I work with people so well. I am too lousy of a judge in the short run, of people.

    Of course my dream job would also support me reasonably well. I need a roof over the head, food in in the pantry, and I'd love to have internet at home instead of having to rely on the library. Though the library is great.

    Now to go read some other answers.
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