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Water View

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild. Sony is giving away a Cyber-shot TX5 to the user who comes up with the most creative suggestions!

Answers (139)

  • I'm gonna take a erotic scene, a lovers making love under the sea..
  • well not sure if my list is wild enough, but if i had a chance, i'd like to take picture of : 1. whale under the sea 2. rocket's takeoff 3. sky while i'm skydiving 4. politician nosepicking 5. taking picture of the ocean when i jumpoff the cliff with my friends

  • 1) Go to a waterfall and take pretty pictures of it.
    2) Catch pictures of waves and people surfing.
    3) Snap photos of starfishes and other sea creatures.
    4) People swimming and enjoying the slides/ rides.
    5) Pictures of animals and their shelter when it is on a cold rainy day.

  • Some simple (and maybe one not so) simple things:

    1.) The surface of the ocean from underwater. Maybe with someone swimming from above or some fishes.

    2.) A bride underwater with her flowy veil, loose hair and bridal dress and complete with a bouquet. :)

    3.) A couple sitting on a bench in the pouring rain.

    4.) The sunset except the camera will be half-submereged in the sea. So the lower part of the image will show part of the underwater scene while the other half will show the surface of the ocean and the horizon.

    5.) A girl wrapped in thin strips of white cloth from the shoulders, arms and down as she makes her way to the surface of the water, letting the cloth just flow ethereally below her.
  • Top five on my photography list are: 1. Jelly fish; different types and sizes, over different angles and water environment. I want to be able to capture one in a very close angle with its tentacles flipping to fill up the frame. 2. Flying fish at a good angle above the water. 3. Wild Dolphins playing. 4. Corals with different schools of fish. 5. Sea floors.

  •  My five things :

    1. Raindrops view, when the drops falling from the sky
    2. get splash in a face view
    3. underwater river view
    4. water synchro  from underwater view
    5. taking a shots from jump killer whale when splash back to the water but close-up view

  • 1. Surfer's POV 
    2. Artistic female nudes in the Cordillera forest while raining
    3. Manila street flood scene 
    4. Sunken Spanish galleons off the coast of Puerto Galera, Philippines 
    5. Conceptual photography involving 2 midgets and a beautiful female model, shot underwater.
  • If I had a waterproof camera like Sony Tx5, I will take pictures of: 1. Myself riding on a dolphin's back underwater..^^ 2. the most beautiful and biggest pearl inside it's shell!! 3. my boyfriend pouting his lips with nemo!! (^3^) 4. my boyfriend and I hiding our faces behind sea anemones[ nemo's house] !! ^^ 5. myself while dancing together with sea turtles and dolphins
  • 1) Those PARASITES underwater feeding on fishes/sea creatures!!! 2) LOST THINGS underwater that became part of the sea 3) CORALS! LOTS OF THEM!
  • Alas, I could only come up with 4! ;0; In any case, I'd love to take photos of: 1) The bottom of the Underground River in Sabang (under Puerto Princesa City's protectionate), Palawan province. Even if it's all just guano and stuff accidentally dropped from the bangka by tourists. XD 2) The bottom of the Marianas Trench, one of the deepest places in the world. It's close to both Guam and the Philippines. d^_^b 3) The inside of a cloud. Because I want to see what makes it pour down like a bullet only to splatter all over my feet as rain. As some of you know, I'm not fond of rain at all but clouds are funky and interesting so I'd like to see the progression. X3 4) The inside of a cement mixer. I've always been secretly curious about those things. XD But wait, the insides aren't quite liquid. Now this makes me wish I could actually swim, and that I am actually eligible for this promo (I'm sure some of you know a very good reason why I might not be). XD;;; In other news, the great Amuro Namie's Coke Zero ad has FINALLY made it to the Philippines. (See the official YouTube channel for Coke Zero Philippines here.) I wish they didn't switch the sequence of some sections in the clip though (you can run a search within YouTube for easy comparison), but otherwise ... IT'S ABOUT DAMN BLOODY TIME. >0</ Finally, hi to who's here with her hubby in Manila! ^0^/ (Wow, that rhymed.) Thanks to for hosting the OAV reunion that naturally came about due to this visit. Her house is officially 1,000,000x better-looking and better-sized than mine, though I don't think I'll ever be able to go there by myself. XD;;; (Thanks to for simply directing me and picking me up, and for saving my shoes and Moleskin notebook which I didn't even know fell from my bag! @_@000 Buti na lang hindi mo ako iniwan para maligaw. v^~^v)
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