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Which musicians of the last two decades have had the most lasting impact on music as we know it today?

Answers (386)

  • Мир был бы беден и скушен. The Beatles не создала бы Сержанта Пеппера, А Замекис не снял бы Forrest Gump

  • А Элвис Пресли? А Рой Орбисон? А Элис Купер? Музыкальный мир был бы просто без него. Но оставался бы самим собой в итоге. А не как автор поста прочитал википедию и задал вопрос ни о чем

  • Well, one would definitely have to be Michael Jackson as the King of Pop. Two would have to be... I really don't know what the other would be. There are so so many different artists today that have meaningful songs. I really can't decide on a second artist, though I'm sure there are a lot of them to be named. 
  • John Williams is a composer, who has wowed me since star wars,(I know that is what he is most famous for) and just hasn't stopped, He has made my movie experiances enjoyable. If he does a movie score at least if the movie sucks, the music is worth getting. of couse through the my life I could say Janis Joplin, Cindy Lauper, Johnette Napolitano (lead singer of Concrete Blonde)and Leslie Fish,All of which helped me get threw the plites of my teenage years and my early twenties even now I listen to them and some Beth Kinderman (lead singer to Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters), and The Feng Shui Ninjas (all four of them) as I hear there music I can relate to it, even if I don't entirely know what the song was wrote about , I still can enjoy. Thanks!
  • бяяя(((((
  • Это не предсказуемо. Ведь каждое событие, формирует настоящее таким какое оно есть. Даже если речь идет не о музыкантах и музыке, а скажем о Вашем каком-либо поступке или действии.

  • radiohead. musically, they have created a new genre. business wise, they have debunked the whole system by putting their shat out there for free and for anyone to grab. they have changed music and the way it is distributed.

  • Bob Marley....People don't understand why I listen to him. When I do, it's like a spirtual cleansing taking place. I'm always surrounded by negativity and he speaks to me through his music. He just had the swagger and tone of an Aquarian. I would say he's the best who ever did it because it would be a huge arguement, but I will say this: He is a legend.
  • Если бы Боб Дилан не родился, то музыкальная реальность и музыкальный мир был бы немножечко другой и наверное никто не задал бы этот вопрос. Я думаю, что про любого можно сказать - музыкальный мир много бы потерял. Однако я думаю, что при этом мы можем сказать, что без кого-либо нам не известного, который исчез (умер, убит, не появился, ....) мы также много бы потеряли.
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