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And The Best Movie Is...

From 3D epics to sidesplitting comedies to angst-filled vampire thrillers, this was a standout year for movies. Which flick would you award the honor of Best Movie?

Answers (98)

  • I would have to say Alice in Wonderland
  • It's hard for me to pick the absolute best movie. There are so many good films being made, that singling one out as better than the others is impossible. No matter what choice you make, somebody is going to feel slighted. I guess it's better than somebody other than me is charged with the responsiblity of picking out the absolute best movie. I could never do such a thing. I wouldn't know where to begin.

  • I would say:

    How to train your dragon

  • I think New Moon deserves best movie.It was a good combination of action,romance,and fantasy.

  • Inglourious Basterds for sure.
    Such a clever take on history and superb use of an international cast.

  • Oddly enough

    Letters to Juliet

  • Oh wow, I liked so many movies this year!  District 9 was AMAfuckinZING! (Can I copywrite that term?) Percy Jackson was infinitely better than I expected it to be, KickAss was... well, to be perfectly frank, it was kickass. I liked Gamer a lot, but I think it came out last year.

    Avatar was good.
    (Please! don't jump down my throat for not proclaiming it 'Jesus, Saviour of the Film Industry! It was good, I enjoyed it. It was not, however, the MovieMessiah it has been proclaimed as.)  As was Alice in Wonderland, Youth in Revolt, and... nope that's all I got right this mo'.

  • Hmm, do I want to say Avatar? Or maybe Alice in Wonderland? Maybe I just have a fascination with A movies. Anyway, I've seen quite a few. My favorite would have to be Percy Jackson and Olympians The Lightning Thief. I'm a big fan of magic and the Greek gods and whatnot. Well, this movie had just enough action to fulfill anyone who likes that kind of stuff. If you like Harry Potter or LotR, you'll get a kick out of it, too.
  • Inglourious Basterds, without a doubt. I can only describe my love for this movie through .gifs: If anyone knows where that second .gif is from... please let me know.
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