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Traveling Companions

What gadgets do you travel with when you’re going on a relaxing vacation? Do the gadgets you choose to bring tend to help you relax or keep you so plugged in that it’s hard to unwind?

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  • I take my ipod, my cell phone, a few word searches, my digital camera, my laptop to put the pictures on. They help me relax. That's all I really need to relax. The ipod I listen to my favorite songs and take a walk or a jog. My phone so I can stay in contact with my friends and family. A few word searches to have something to do. My digital camera to take pictures while I am away scenery or of myself or of me and another person I took with me. My laptop to stay in touch with my facebook, myspace, daily booth, blogger, formspring.me and live journal friends. 
  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! I travel with these amazing gadgets called...books. They give me everything I need when I am on vacation. Seriously.

  • I travel light. The notion of being able to-pick up and go, move with wind's whim, something that makes me smile. Creative by nature, my imagination is something I'm always packing, but there are some tools of the trade that accompany me on my whimsical journeys to places like Here and There, Near and Far. 

    Cell Phone - I'm not a phone person (not in the chat your ear off kind of way). While I do use the phone to stay connected when away, I'm more of a photo blogger, which I do using my posterous account. From there, I can send it to a variety of other linked sites to share with friends and family. 

     P&S Camera - While I've got my cell phone camera and I'm fascinated with creating cell phone art, it doesn't have the pixel power for my more serious photography habit. Unlike my earlier digital camera, which was bulky, digital cameras are much sleeker and easy to stash in both pockets or bags. These are great for off the cuff photo shoots and I'm never short of film with the ability to carry a case of SD cards. The digital age has changed my photo addiction and saved me money in print costs.

    mp3 Player - Music is breath, even if it's not being fed through my ears, there's always some kind of mysterious playlist going on. Music is how I create, I have playlists for everything. So music is a must. It goes where I go.

    SLR Camera - It's sad face time when I leave my big baby behind, though some weather conditions make it a must. While I'm by far no professional this camera gives me results that make me melt. Often I use my photos in creative writing projects as I've been known to build whole stories around/with them. So, when I can, big baby travels along, because I never know when one of my shots might wind up redbubble worthy, which I'm always attempting.

    Laptop - It doesn't get as much use as one would think. When I'm on vacation I'm more inclined to carry pen and paper, but when I've been forced indoors it's there with its consoling keyboard (the letters all rubbed off from years of use) to clickety-clack new ideas, new stories, or some photo editing. When the pocket book fairy allows, I hope to do an upgrade as I fear my laptop may be nearing the end of its life.  I've been a wicked taskmaster with my creative whims, but it has served me well over the years.

    Unwinding is easy, even with my electronic devices on hand. If I'm creating, I'm relaxing... and just because they get packed it doesn't mean they get taken on every journey. I survived without them in a lifetime before the technology explosion, I can do without them now. The most important tool when I'm on vacation, imagination which can be powered on or off at will no battery/charge required.

  • My gadget is a book.

    However a corkscrew and a bottle opener have occasionally proved really useful to have along....  As the boy scouts put it, be prepared....

  • My laptop,  iPhone. 2 cameras  and external speakers. Do they help me relax? LOL..only a sledgehammer to my frontal lobe would do that..LOL
  • Laptop, cell phone, iPod. My iPod helps me relax...I love listening to music. :) My cell phone probably has no effect since I never use it. My laptop...probably relax, since I don't actually do anything important and if I want to go do something else, I do. It's not like I'm glued to it. However, I am taking my laptop with me on vacation later this summer and that will NOT be relaxing since I have an online course. Blah. School during vacation...fun, right?

  •  In my opinion, I say a laptop is the most essential item to bring along in travel, of course with wireless internet. It can connect people together although the distance is seperating them. It can unite love even if the loneness is to much to handle by your-self, and it can entertain one's soul with the power of music when the silence is unbearable.

  • My gadgets are usually the things that relax me.  I have no problem with not having any gadgets though.  I book and a quite place are all I need to relax.  I like to have my computer and my iPod.  My iPod for relaxing music and my computer so I can write.  I love to write, and because my thoughts flow quicker than my hand can write I like to have a computer because I can keep up with my brain when I am typing.  Sounds funny but it is definitely true.
  • my mp3 player and cell phone i need both but the cell phone just in case i get lost or something and who does not need music

  • This is always such a tough decision for me. Usually, I bring more than one "gadget". A definent must is my ipod. I never leave home without it because music is such a big thing for me. Accompaning that would be my phone of course. I dont think anybody takes a step out of their home without their phone. I also bring my DS just in case i get in the rare mood to actually play it. As to whether or not what i choose to bring helps me relax, the answer is yes; they do. Anytime im listening to music im automatically relaxed. It just flows through me so how can i not be perfectly content?  As for the other things, i could take 'em or leave ' em. Really all the matters is the music.
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