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Do You Believe?

When did you stop believing in Santa Claus and why?

Answers (200)

  • When I was seven. "I saw mommy..." putting presents under the tree (I've always been a morning person or insomniac...maybe it's more insomniac...)
  • I've heard of people that don't believe in Santa . But , I don't know why they don't . We all need something or someone to believe in .
  •  I never did stop believeing.
  • I was on a camping trip and i was the only girl in the whole group, with three boys my age. I was fervently defending the exsistance of santa clause against the others when out of no where my dad appears and says "Yeah, your probably old enough for me to tell you that santa clause isn't real" I was crushed. I vow to never EVER tell my kids to stop believing.
  •  I believed in Santa Claus until I was 19. That is the year I started halping pernies be Santa.
  •  I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I saw that the "Santa"'s on the front portion of the label were in my parents' handwriting. 
    I saw this at the age of six, meaning that it was blatantly obvious.
  • LOL well this should be fun!! I actually stopped because when i was 7ish on christmas eve my dad dressed up as santa but he had black hair so of course he had black eyebrows which TOTALLY doesn't go with the white beard you know!! so yeah that totally ruined it for me lol
  •  I was clicking randomly, and this is what I found. So I decided to put in my two cent, because obviously, people care about my opinion so much.*notconceided* 

     Here's the thing: As a kid, I never really liked Santa, and here's why:

        I don't want the decision of whether or not I get presents dictated by some old fat guy who doesn't know me and yet is spying on me. Why? Because that would suck. I'd much rather have faith in the fact that whether or not I get presents depends on how much my parents can afford/feel like buying that year. 

       Yeah, that's my opinion. Don't let small children who believe in Santa read. They'll be scarred for life. 

  •  Im pretty sure when i was 10 or 11.
    It was the year before 6th grade i think.

    &i was always iffy about it becuase of ehem ehem..Victoria and Gavin.
    From day one they were always telling me..Santa isnt real..Santa isnt real.
    And i always tried to prove to them he was.

    But then finally i had enough and i asked my mom abotu it. And she told me that none of those
    people were real. Easter Bunny, tooth Fairy, Santa Clause.
    I wanted to cry my eyes out.
    but she said that thye were "in my heart"

    But whatever, im glad i dont believe in him anymore.
    everything would just be weird

    I mean its fun to think of a Santa Clause and this guy give you gifts,
    and they are free and stufff.
    But nopeeee.
    not no more.

    As you mature you have to realize thats all bby stufff.
  • I still believe in Santa Claus.  The Tooth Fairy freaks me out though.  
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