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Top Three

What three qualities do you like most about yourself, and why? What qualities do you like least?

Answers (426)

  • Hmmmm...

    I think those are very difficult questions to answer. Looking at one self with complete honesty and objectivity is practically impossible, but here goes...

    On the good side I think I'm pretty openminded, concerned about others and I fight for what I believe in.

    On the bad side... I think I can be rather arrogant without even meaning too, I'm really forgetful and constantly forget or show up late to appointments and worst of all I tend to be a little too honest - I know that might not sound as a fault, but when you forget that telling the truth might hurt people, it really is... Sometimes I just blurt out things that I really wish I hadn't said just afterwards :-(

  • Более всего:
       позитивность - умение в сложной ситуации взять в руки лопату, образно выражаясь, и попытаться откопать под кучей неприятностей хотя бы кусочки положительного)

      ум - я не только хорошо запоминаю новую информацию, я еще и умею сделать из нее определенные выводы и использовать ее на благо себе, окружающих или во имя гармонии вселенной.

      коммуникабельность - умею найти общий язык практически с любым человеком, за исключением тех, с кем не хочу ладить из идейных соображений,) или тех, кто из идейных соображений не хочет ладить со мной)

     еще.... как? Уже все? А у меня еще списочек ого-го... )))

    Менее всего:
        ранимость и мнительность - зачастую кажусь непробиваемой, но, к сожалению - или к счастью??? - только кажусь, а сама способна полночи переживать из-за невзначай брошенной фразы или интонации, которая показалась мне чуть резче, чем надо.
    вспыльчивость - нечасто проявляется, но если уж проявится....)
    неуверенность в себе - также находит приступами: вот только что я могу петь песни на центральной площади, отважно впираться в кабинеты недосягаемых чиновников, с боем прорываясь сквозь строй суровых секретарш, а какое-то время спустя начинаю волноваться в телефонном разговоре по поводу съема жилья.

    В общем, как вы поняли, хорошего во мне гораздо больше, чем плохого.... и, знаете, у меня есть еще одно качество, идущее вне конкурса, так сказать... Я скромная! Я очень скромная! Никто не сравнится со мной в моей скромности!))))))

  • My strongest qualities that I like are my intellect, strength to get over anything and anyone, ability to love with all my heart.

    Qualities that I dislike: stubborness, inability to show my true feelings, taking everything to heart.

  • great question

    my personality
    my ablitiy to problem solve
    the way I can lie through my teeth and get away with shit

    what I like the least are

    my laziness
    my  temper
    my sick sense of humor

    I dislike my social anxiety&depression. Social anxiety prevents me from interacting with others, and cat-crap like that. My depression just completely shuts me down, and I feel so alone and blah blah blah.

    I dislike my lack of perseverance when it comes to things I don't want to do. Like homework. Mostly school-related stuff. I do help out with chores, despite the lack of an allowance... :P

    I dislike my appearance. Call me shallow, but if I had a "smokin'" hot bod I would be getting plowed by every male sports team at the school on a weekly basis (hello, varsity wrestling&football!).

    I like my relative intelligence. If were an idiot, I wouldn't be aware of others scathing ridicule. How awful would that be! Well, actually, my intelligence does allow me to interact with pretentious dicks when I bother to think of a Strangers With Candy quote.

    I love my passion for singing. It's what keeps me alive and thriving.

    I love my ability to express myself, and my ability to read (and write a bit). :D

  • 1. I think outside the box.
    2. I care about no one's opinion, but those who really mean something to me and that's a hella short list.
    3. I'm open minded and don't judge those who walk in my path even when you judge the hell outta me.

    The quality I least  like is being shy, fears, and being a pushover. Yes, I do act a damn fool, but under all that, that's why I haven't started a relationship with anyone because the things I believe that will please her will be the opposite, but then again, you have to learn and ask questions. Fears, I fear God, no doubt, but these walking out the door knowing people will pop a cap in your ass when you don't know a lick about them. All the progress you made just went down the drain, but if it's your time to go, it's your time. Being a pushover is getting a little hectic and starting to lose my mind over it. I hate being mean; therefore, i'm always nice and people tend to take that for granted and gamble with it. As a matter of fact, let's not even talk about that subject.

  • 3 that I like:
    • I think I'm quite easy to talk to. This is important in my job, because I work with kids, and they have to feel like they can talk to you and that they can trust you.
    • I think I'm quite funny. Sarcasm is my absolute defense mechanism, but I can be quite witty. My friends and family think so, I hope.
    • That I'm quite mature for my age. I have spent most of my life around older people, not ridiculously old but a few year older than me. I like that I'm a bit more mature than most 21 year olds. 
    3 I don't like:
    • I'm quite a serious person. I know how to be light hearted, don't get me wrong.
    • I'm quite hard on myself. All of the time.
    • I can't forgive and forget. I mean, I can, but most of the time I choose not to. Bitchy, I know.

  • Something I dislike about myself is that I am too sensitive to what other people may think of me. In fact, I am too sensitive overall. I take some things as personal insults that I should just let roll off my back.
    I do not like my lack of self-esteem. I don't completely accept myself. There are times when I feel that I am not capable of accomplishing anything worthwhile in life.
    I do not like my lack of ambition. I used to have enough fire to push myself to do almost anything. Now I find myself procrastinating all the time.
    Something that I do like about myself is that I am completely candid. My entire being is. I wouldn't know how to be any other way. I say what is on my mind and dress the way I want to. i am very genuine.
    I like my creativity. I write poetry and dabble in drawing and singing. I have fun painting faces and dressing myself every day. I live for theatre, opera, music, the fine arts, and literature.
    I like my upbeat energy. I'm like a kitty with smiling crescent eyes. I am very animated skittering here and there.

  • Three qualities I like most are my sense of humor, my optimism and my drive to finish what I start. Three qualities I like least are my shyness, my procrastination and my sensitivity.

  • Only 3 that I don't like much about meself? Christ.

    Lets start with like- get the challenge out the way, yeah? *wry smile*

    I Like...


    well, I'm rather funny. Normally by mistake, but it still counts then?

    I'm pretty damn good a drummer. 'Specially considerin' I'm playing backwards basically.

    And I've always stuck with mates. No matter what 'appens, I have stuck, will continue sticking, with them.

    What I don't like

    I've essentially no formal education

    I mix up idioms and phrases all the time. 'Cause of the first, I suppose.

    And let's face it-I 'm not the most handsome man ever to walk this planet. Grey streak, short, biggest nose this side of the Mersey river- yeah, right looker I am.

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