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Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

Answers (547)

  • однажды в Колорадо один из моих любимих официантов-менеджеров как всегда предложил в конце рабочего дня чего-нить особенного из ресторана. на этот раз он не сказал , что это, дал только попробовать. Это были мясные шарики, очень запеченые. Так что вкусу особо не слышно было. Я чтоб не очень расстраивать официанта, с энтузиазмом смотрящего за процессом поедания, сказала , что это снова very good! на что он ответил, что на этот раз было самое особенное блюдо в ресторане для избранных ) - бычьи яйца cow balls/ Эгэгееей!
  • Escargot !! It has a very weird texture !! And something about eating a snail creeps me right out !!!

  • Когда: в детстве. Что: Молочный суп с вареной морковкой. Что ужасного: Заставили все съесть.

  • Natto.

    Fermented Soy beans. Japanese style.

    Looked bad. Smelt even worse. I think the taste may have been a result of the two but it was pretty nasty.

  • The most disgusting food I've ever had would have to be cow tongue. Its not the taste within itself that's gross, but the colour and moreso the texture of the tongue. The very thought that you have a cow tongue touching your tongue, and going down your throat isn't very pleasant.  

    "Mom, this meat sure has an odd texture to it"

    "It's tongue"

    O.O "EWwwwwwwww"
  • My mom made fish with a special gray sauce. It was an experiment that involved flour and something else, which caused it to form a gel sort of like when you get to the bottom of a can of Spam. I wish I knew the recipe, so I could put it on my list of recipes that were terrible and inedible. For more ideas on what not to eat, go to http://community.livejournal.com/bad_recipes/

  • Very easy question to answer: Oysters! They have the consistency of phlegm and taste like saltwater. Get chills from just thinking about it *shudder*
  • About two weeks ago: Razzles that I had no clue were about five years old. Needless to say that they didn't turn to gum. Ugh. So nasty.

  • OMG. The worst food I have ever tasted was the lunch at my school. Some lunches were good but, some like the beans and franks is nasty because it was watery and it didn't even look like bean and franks. That is the nastiest thing I ate in my life.
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