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If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

Answers (366)

  • Yon atis se yon moun'n ki dévré pou LI palé tout sa ki vrè. Men LI pa pè di tout sa ki sòti nan fon kè'l paské tout sa lap di yo pa délimen paské sa kap sòTI nan bouch li se espri, si sa lap di YO se Bon bagay map di'w sa sòti direktéman de Bondyé. Tout atis kap viv selon misik yo toujou maché selon misik. Remember they is two ways good or bab. Be with God or Satan.

  • Well, when I was younger I LOVED Scooby Doo, right up until I was about 10, 11 ish and my favourite character was definitely Daphne. And you know Beetlejuice? Well, I recently discovered the cartoon, and I have to say I love it. A lot. So I'd pick either Daphne or Lydia (and BJ, you can't seperate those two!).

  • Наверно Чипа и Дейла

  • Alex says Tori Vega from victorious because she is pretty awesome singer.
  • Unfortunately, I did not have the best taste as a middle schooler. I would be forced to choose a character from Inuyasha. *shame* I guess I'd pick Kilala, so I could have a cute kitty that transforms into a giant flying kitty.

  • Amy says Spongebob, but Alex isn't sure yet. no i haven't outgrown Spongebob and neither  have a few other people i know! :P

  • I would choose Spongebob Squarepants . :) He's cute, funny, and always there for others .

    I miss my best friend ! :(
  • Probably Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :D I had a huge crush on David Boreanaz, but I outgrew that though. I also liked Rancid Rabbit from Catdog for some reason.

  • One of the shows in Middle school that I used to love watching was Sailor Moon. I use to get up at six in the morning for school and this anime was being shown at that time on the Warner Brother channel 11.  It was dubbed in English of course but I still loved it. Today I have every single episode of Sailor Moon in its original form and it is even better.  The character Sailor Jupiter a.k.a Lita (dubbed version) and Minako (japanese version)  would be my pick as a best friend today. She is strong, smart, funny, and caring of her friends. She never gives up with out a fight and knows how to cook like a gourmet chef.   I also love that even though she is depicted as being beautiful she is still self conscious about herself.  Sailor Jupiter is very tall for a girl and has a very athletic body.   This combination makes her feel like she is not feminine enough and feels that every one around her finds her scary.  Which is not true at all of course because she can be very girly and cute.  In spite of her insecurities, Minako a.k.a Sailor Jupiter is a selfless character that will drop everything at once to help out someone she cares for. Even if the person she is fighting for is a stranger, she will none the less help them if they need it.

    Have outgrown this character or show?  No way!  I definitley have not. I still love to watch Sailor Moon very much. Any true japanese anime lover has seen the original non-dubbed version and will no doubt say it is much better that the English dubbed version which was watered down and spliced apart in order to suit a very young crowed.  I urge Sailor Moon fans out there to find and see the original version if you have not. And i mean all 200 episodes. There is a lot more that was not shown English TV when it was on Cartoon Network as well.  Whew. This turned out longer then I thought.  

  • MCGUYVER! \0/

    The answer to any question about tv characters is always going to be McGuyver, unless it's about being an asshole. MAC RULED THEN AND HE RULES NOW AND WILL RULE FOREVERMORE, HALLELUJAH!

    Let me clarify, for the confused:



    As far as outgrowing, I don't know about that. I never got into most cartoons that much. The Warner Brother classics are timeless, and the other shows I watched were like Johnny Quest or...well, I ~was exposed to an unfortunate amount of Smurfs, but that was my little sister's fault (I always rooted for Gargamel).

    I loved Wild, Wild West and Black Sheep Squadron (Damn you, Robert Conrad, you fixated my tiny self on ruggedly handsome men with smartass senses of humor!). I loved Battlestar Galactica (the REAL one) and Star Trek (BONES!!!) and Wonder Woman (WOMANPOWER, FTW!) and shows like that. I grew up to love V and Alien Nation just as much.

    I think they're all good shows and are just as much fun to watch now, and as pertinent. So I guess I can say I don't feel like I've outgrown any of them. They're still ~my shows.
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