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Lesson learned

The transition from youth to adulthood can be smooth or incredibly difficult. What is the most important lesson you learned since middle school, and how has it guided you?

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  • Life at times is a sham, and people often are the biggest scammers. Want to know the truth? The truth is that life is a lie at times, or can be extremely decieving, and friends? Many times, people are two faced backstabbers. Only when all is said and done, you'll know who your real friends are. I know it sounds harsh, but at times, life can be harsh, especially when you have alot going against you. Also, animal's love is unconditional, people can turn on you for whatever reason, and often it is trivial.
  • I have to agree with Teasle on this one..learning where your loyalties lie, is an extremely important milestone in our youth. During the Jr. High/Middle School years, I learned how to get in a fight (stand up for myself) against Alex Perry, who had taunted me and I shoved her through a 13' high glass pane window...lol. Only, that wasn't quite my intention..just to punch her back, for shoving me. :| And then being honest, was a huge lesson in eating a piece of humble pie. The 2nd time was when a girl in 9th grade followed me around calling me a bitch and other things behind my back when I had no idea why...I didn't even know this girl! She just bullied and found her way to follow me around every class, every lunch period, and even out to the bus some days. A few of my friends (though not too close) Tiffany Hill and M. tried to convince me out of standing up for myself, when I just couldn't take any more....though, I went against their advice, I turned around and faced the accuser and glared daggers, howling at her, "WHAT is your malfunction? Why do you keep calling me names and stalking me?" Only to be scoffed at by her and her henchman, "Oooooh, widdle gurrl gonna stand upppp? Fiiight! Fiiight!" The Ashlee bitch decided to take me on again, getting in my face, trying to deny that she had followed me for weeks on end. I shook my head in disgust, just bailing back at her, getting in her face too, as she said, "Don't call me a bitch, you bitch!" Oh, the humility..:| Well, as it turned a few heads, and she was resorting to petty name-calling and hair-pulling, she tried to get me down on my knees. Well, regardless of the drawing crowd, I didn't shed a tear or show any fear. I simply pulled up, and slammed the girl into the lockers, leaving a hefty dent, and punched her in the solar plexus so hard it knocked a bit of breath out of her. She tried to continue on, trying to maintain face, but a hall monitor was called and a few teachers and the principal were brought to break up the fight. She was to be suspended for starting the fight and hazing, and yet strangely enough, since it was only a few days before school was out, she never showed her face again! I managed to get by because I was the one being bullied. But I still got put in the Principal's office..that was a fun story to tell my parents. Many other little spats came my way, mostly between friends. It seems I was always an outsider, but now that I've read other books of other people's stories in High School...I'm sure this is totally normal, that friends will turn their backs on the ones they called friends, then turn right back around and are there in the end to find their "true friends". They say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer....sometimes you have to keep both close. And know when to let go. Another good story is when Katie Merkley decided that she wanted to "meet my friends" uh, bad idea. We were in 7th grade. She met my neighbor kid, who was 2 years our junior. She came over and we were all supposed to be playing Hide-n-Seek, and guess what? When they were "hiding" they were really playing 7 minutes in heaven in the closet. Ugh. Gross (I thought at the time). Atop that, when I asked them about it, they denied it (of course!) So I got all butt-hurt and ran home, all the way across 10 acres, jumping fences, etc, and just hid on the outside lawn beneath the giant Satellite dish, which was my favorite place to go and think. They all panicked, got my dad, and my dad started hollering for me, freaking out that I'd ran away or something. Come to find out, my dad just met me by the dish and talked it over with me. He made Katie say she was sorry and stuff...but I never felt the same. I absolutely HATED her for that. And she goes and tries to make it up to me by teaching me "how to flirt"...ha. What a joke. What she tried to teach me, I already knew....that is, that a true friend stabs you in front, not in the back. And she'd managed to miss the mark by a mile. (I must have a target on my backside that's quite large by the way.) And a few years down the road, she tried to chastise me for "messing around" with Dustin!!!! What??? She's like, "You're Mormon you know better!"..HA! Like she is one to speak?! And by the way, I was NOT Mormon at the time. Good lord. Sooooo..In the end, I learned, that no matter how much someone tries to "pretend" to be your friend, in the end you just need to speak your mind, tell them how it is, and no, you aren't my friend, you backstabbing bitch. Hahhahaha..

  • Hm, I must say... I might be one of the worst people to answer/ask this question, but the one thing that middle school to highschool/adulthood taught me is..... Dont trust anyone.

    People are not on your side for the most part, and you are always your own critic and supporter.

    That might sound highly pessimistic, but overall, i believe others can vouge for it. Many things can go bad during that transition. You could be leading a normal and healthy life, then KABOOM, a huge crisis arises, and people kind of scatter. Hopefully you will have family to always back you up and care, and a few close friends.... but it will definantly show you who you can trust and how much.

  • middle school.. some lesson learned are the ones of just being yourself. my middle school years were the best but they had there moments because sometimes i would lose myslef to become friends with people who were no better than me.. however in high school i changed but the people there were just the same.. my advice is to be you and whom ever dont agree.. screw them :)
  • 1 урок. Внимательно смотри по сторонам и лови шансы. 2 урок. Поймав шанс, не упусти его. 3 урок. Забудь навсегда, что ты работаешь на работодателя. Помни - ты работаешь на свой авторитет. 4 урок. Никакого подхалимства. Оставайся собой и открыто высказывай мнение (но аргументированно). Либо привыкнут, либо здесь тебе не место - поломают. 5 урок. Жизнь одна - этот шанс главный и единственный, конечно, если ты не веришь в реинкарнацию. 6 урок. Подлость - не мое средство для достижения целей (любых) 7 урок. Рабочие проблемы остаются за пределами дома. 8 урок. Не жертвую. (работой или личной жизнью, общением с друзьями или хобби и т.д.). Сочетаю. 9 урок. Улыбка помогает лучше устанавливать контакты, переносить трудности, работать, отдыхать. Твоя улыбка может просто кому-то помочь. 10 урок. Даже в бочке дегтя  есть ложка меда.)))

  • I'm not sure if I can choose just one lesson that I have learned, but I think one of the most important ones that I can think of that is most relevant in my life is how to deal with many different kinds of people.
    At some point in my life I have learned that a variety of people in life is a good thing. Everyone has their own personalities, their own way at looking at things, and that this is a good thing.
    I feel the more I learn about others, the more I learn about myself.
    I can't say that I learned this during a certain time in my life, or after a certain event, but it has cumulated over the years.
    I think the best place I put this into practice was at Shattuck Manor, but I have made it all the more relevant outside of that experience.
    Such as when I have to be around people that I don't know or may not agree with,
    usually I can move past the fact that I may not like them, and just accept them for who they are.
    I find it the most useful when I have to work in a group of people and that I accept that they are different, and want to discuss with them their theories on life.
    Obviously, this was very great to have on my China trip, because I knew no one, and was not annoyed at anyone on the trip.
    I may have been thankful that I wasn't with them everyday, because the people I hung out with seemed to be on the same level as me, humor wise.

    I have learned that everyone has a good and bad side to them, and it balances out.
    Even if their good side looks like a 'bad' side to me, I have to understand that they are probably trying their best to be decent, and that should be good enough for me =]

  • When I decided to make the leap and get into performance in college, my dad gave me some wonderful advice. I kind of wish that he would have told me it sooner but he thought that I knew it already. Deep down, I guess that I did but I never really applied it to anything or had a good way of explaining it. He told me that self doubt is the first step toward misery. If I go on thinking that I don't have the talent to make it in the arts, I won't get anywhere. I'll end up having to settle for something that falls short of the thing that I love the most- theatre. Since freshman year, I have taken more risks and accomplished more than I can explain. All while driving on this one thought- I have to stay away from those long hours of regret that clouded my teenage years. I already am the person that I want to be, I already have what it takes and I don't want to spoil it by thinking that I am not worthy of what I have already accomplished/will accomplish.

  • Yo have to get things done ASAP. Don't wait for anyone for answers since you have to answer them yourself since their answers will always be wrong. You have a job to do, so do it. And don't look back, but if you do, tie u the loose ends and move on.

  • I was a nerd back then. (*cough* sometimes I still am today *cough*) No fun, never, just school.

    I have learned that knowledge is good but not a life. My bf taught me (and is still teaching me that lesson every day). I am much more relaxed today than I was as a teenager. I am beginning to feel sorry that I missed a lot of fun, and that there is a lot of "normal teenager experience" I did not make.

    Heading for a midlife crisis, maybe, but heading for it relaxed. No worries, no panic, not my former self. Today I'm fine.

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